One of two paths must be taken as we proceed ahead in politics as we see it: Option A) A new generation and the same tradition or option B) A new generation and a new tradition. If chose Option B, the foregoing below is absolutely essential to each person having the equal opportunity to live life to it's fullest otherwise known as to assist each person to live to his or her highest potential.

Political main message: Unity Over Diversity

Main motto: Truly Making America Great Again! 

Facts on the Core Problem: By not teaching God which is "Love" in Public Schools, the System is teaching and conditioning people how to act like the Devil whenever they have problems in their Life Situations  This also conditions humans to scapegoat and project their shadow elsewhere, but never see the character defects within them that occurred from the social conditioning process, which has them fall and be enslaved to their old reactive conditioned processes which contributes highly to suicides, murders, violence, addictions and inability to find a balance within any Life Situation. The services at Church seem to be held hostage by a foreign force that does not permit them to go into greater and more in-depth detail about what people really need to know to overcome what they were not taught to have the greater fullness of the right insight to properly raise their families in the spirit of Love. And parents, unless they go deeper and consent to be interiorly transformed are not able to transmit this to their children which mirror their behavior. This is the core cause of the widespread Epidemic of all violence that we see which at present can only be overcome by individual reform, where each person consents to allow God to change their interior and have them be taught all that is needed.  This is the seemingly unspoken and highly unknown war against the American People that The Media does not want you to know by having you be overwhelmed "with other" foreign matters -- keeping the focus and diverting your attention elsewhere. Some people might call what the media is doing to divert your attention "fake news" or a re-framing to divert the social collective's attention elsewhere and not get to the core underlying current social problem of the society creating Devils or even the awareness of The Devils Tower Activity that is spoken of herein for which this proposal herein is set to overcome. A single parent may easily be able to see that this is the core issue for why a spouse or partner and a relationship fell apart, that even their Spouse/Partner was a Victim of the System and as a result that Victim, Victimized them and annihilated their family situation.

New Educational Motto for Dept of Education: Men and Women for Others

Highest Concern: Our Character is More, Now Than Ever, At Stake - We Must Act Now!

We must have clarity in what we want to see "in any future Governor and President", who has our truest interest at heart, before we can fulfill bringing that about as a true manifestation. A future compassionate President of the United States of America would look like one who took strong positions on enacting policy and laws to effect the change in some of the following ways:

The Top Three (3) Priorities:

1) Defense;
2) Provide Basic Life Skills to build strong characters so strong roots in the family unit;
3) Balancing the budget

Note: The top three (3) priorities above does not exclude the fact that there would be additional. Those are just not listed here, at this time.


1) Banning abortion - creating an automatic prison term for any offenders thereof;

2) A True Quality Education Offered to All - for empowering every student to have the option of a Core Fundamental Education hereinafter referred to as ("CFE") or as Basic Life Skills ("BLS") which includes but is not limited to education on the following: emotional intelligence, how to control responses and overcome old previous reactive patterns, how to live a virtuous life, how to discern truth from falsehood, knowledge about the contemplative/transcendent dimension that helps all build a strong character as well as required philosophy classes. This is so each has the opportunity to have intelligence and a good character. It would also greatly contribute to the creation of more creative companies and jobs for services and products as people would be tapping more into the "creative side" of the formless dimension to bring about God's dream to other's through them more easily. Also Time Management and Financial Management classes to help people learn how to create the time for the things they value most in their life and how to be good stewards of their households and how to find and have more balance and harmony in a rather highly technological environment where now more than ever things are competing for our full and undivided attention. Also health classes to include how to budget and plan calorie intake and moderate said activity, Also teach how to create budgets, how to fund, how to spend and use basic financial projections for their households;

3) Making illegal the abduction of another to destroy their Life Situation - creating strict laws that would discourage such behavior and making it illegal to prevent someone from living a life of voluntary poverty in relationship to their Estate and to create a special task force to oversee and enforce said initiatives;

4) Recognition of the Unity in All - would possess the qualities and characteristics of knowing that we are all a temporary expression of Almighty God's One Life. That all life is sacred and worthy of being lived and institute initiatives that would build up instead of tear down creation;

5) Recognition of the Dignity of Man - recognizing that, that the divine stamp is on all - whether they are a janitor or running a nation that one should not feel led to believe any one is superior to the other. To provide insight and inspiration to the nation that there is something great in all of us -- and that running after superior positions to think they add to a superior version of a sense of "me/us" is a lie and a false foundation that does not show our true character;

6) Recognition of the Current System of Slavery - by the absence of teaching CFE, that the current system of slavery, enslaves peoples minds and senses where their actions and behaviors are concertized and is what is feeding the commercial, legal, medical, and pharmaceutical industry profits with record profits and leading cause of all addictions, pain, suffering, and violence. That what people believe is Independence and Freedom currently is false propaganda by the Civil-Secular Force to keep national focus on international front, disguising the major deficiency of the core critical missing link in the current education system that is causing and creating Terrorists on our own land. It is also recognizing that the current system of Churches and Families have failed at successfully providing this needed education to where external behavior is being demonstrated by the majority. It is also recognizing by not having CFE, that we will continue to have record divorce situations and without CFE there is little to no hope for future improved stability in family situations and continued if not growing dysfunction among family situations;

7) Mandating body cameras - for all police and law enforcement personnel, without exception;

8) Unwavering determination - to be willing to be only a one term governor/president and to be willing to do the right thing always and to be willing to not please everyone and to be willing to be the most unpopular to effect and bring about this change so that we may have greater hope of a more loving, less hateful, and a more healthy society for the future;

9) Mandating calorie information on all menus - next to all prices, across the board, no restaurant or establishment being exempted, without exception;

10) A willingness to go against tradition and old school mentality - that wants people to believe that the way the system has been or currently is, "is the best" and that it, "the current way" is producing the best results. To be willing to bring about change despite older school mentalities and positionalities, however, willing to have dialogue with others to help enlighten them to the benefits of this greater plan for change ;

11) A permanent ban on any and all state and federal executions - society had a duty to properly teach people how to process anger and their emotions, it failed, it thus cannot use it's own negligence to execute the people it failed to teach then about how they are being possessed and taken over by the Emotional Pain Body. On this basis, all executions should be banned;

12) A CFE Plan for rehabilitative purposes - in all jails/prisons to help people with their emotions/feelings and helping them recognize who they are called to become;

13) Required Student Volunteer Service to the Less Fortunate for Credit - for all kids 13 and up in any school that receives state or federal funding.

14) Regarding All Marriage Licenses - that any and all adults shall be required to complete ten (10) classes from "A New Earth" with Oprah Winfrey and Eckhart Tolle in a group classroom style setting prior to the issuance of any Marriage Licenses. The purpose is so they can have the potential to more fully awaken into who they are and to teach their children how now to be over identified with form which will greatly reduce the chance of addictions and suicides and killings, reducing the collective crime in general and saving and preserving Life itself, to know that Life is worth living. This would save millions if not billions of dollars that would otherwise not need to be spent in the industries of the medical, pharmaceutical and legal industries that otherwise come as a result of people being over identified with form and when a tragedy of a loss of form comes they feel like they have lost a sense of their self. This will also have the chance to transmit essential information so they can raise their children in the best manner possible and help them build a strong and good character.

15) Equal Opportunity for All Volunteers - That all volunteers are treated the same and not any different due to disability, sex, age, color, sexual orientation, or nationality. creed or genetic information.

16) Legalize prayer in public schools - Allowing up to seven (7) prayer times each day with the Liturgical Office or Divine Office or similar which helps a child be formed in Christ's true likeness in terms of Character. So that one can assimilate the desires, the thoughts, the words, the actions, the habits of Jesus Christ which is perfect love.

17) Willing to Discuss & Debate with Others - about the ideal of keeping the old education model for parents who are adverse and do not want their child in part of the new CFE program.

18) Clearing the Record for Anyone Applying For Religious Orders or Work - where they still have a record as a it relates to the unlawful actions of their Abductor who used deceit to have their Abductee attempt to do their will as a result of a coordinated effort in any kind, so that they are not adversely affected from being denied the ability to enter a Religious Community within a Monastery or other Religious Order nor prevented from obtaining future work.

19) Border Patrol Restitution Fund - to reimburse members who have suffered economic or material losses as direct and proximate cause for not properly preventing people from coming into the United States Enclosure as a result of being a Victim of a Murdered Life Situation.

20) Add "Sexual Orientation" - as a new federally protected class.

21) A 1 Year Guaranteed Prison Term - for any person caught on tape or recorded expressing prejudicial hatred towards any people of the federally protected classes.

22) A Federal Child Oversight Investigative Unit - that would investigate and oversee and make sure that children are not being instructed or guided by parents (Foster or otherwise) to withhold certain information from a court ordered or other appointed therapist or related counselor that would otherwise allow the child to be their truest self and tell the truth about their entire situation to the best of their ability.

23) A Special Investigation - to ascertain and conclude whether or not the United States of America, the States therein, and it's members, within it's enclosure, have been infiltrated (instead of invaded) by a foreign force that has i) influenced and/or permitted the taking out of God and preventing prayer and keeping Basic Life Skills out of public schools, where the current model is handicapping many people's Life Situations and preventing them from living a fully functional, merciful, and loving life with less pain and suffering; ii) to determine if the United States of America Military is being used a) against its' own members/people and or if a foreign force is using the USA to carry out it's plans and designs on an international front so it can appear "neutral" to the world and to reveal the same findings to the public members thereof.

24) Help Solve Mental Illness Epidemic - that so called hospitals and doctors call "mental illness", which is the effects of not teaching people who they are in public schools and they think that their Life Situation is their Life and they think their Life is coming to an end, only to find out it is the Ego which Society helped them create which is a Fictional Self Identity as part of the Civil-Secular Force Social Conditioning Process. This happens a lot with the homeless. The Doctor's are Diagnosing truly the Social Systems Dysfunction that allowed the Ego Self to be created through the Social Conditioning Process and through depriving them of their true identity.

25) A Federal NMH aka: Nursing Home Mental Hospital Abuse Special Investigative & Enforcement Unit - to investigate and over see to ensure that there is no allowable nursing home and/or mental hospital abuses, especially against any of the protected classes and to ideally have a definite intervention plan to rectify and eliminate said abuses, especially any that may be from and Abductor/Secular Judges operating to manipulate or influence people to act a certain way as it relates to fulfilling any hatred or violence as a retaliatory measure where one's values may be contrary to said Abductor/Secular Judges.

26.) One (1) Hour of Silence in all public schools everyday. So kids can be formed to live in the greater fullness of there "here and now" and not be caught up in the need to run after the next moment to find their primary fulfillment which is the way the present system is training children and so they can practice living in the fullness of the present here and now to overcome being trapped in the mind in a past memory or a future anticipation which causes later mental disorders and also unnecessary addictions, and unneeded anxiety and worry.

27). Complete an investigation to find out if FCC is monitoring any/all phones and electronics with a "blanket court ordered" court order or similar means and/or without, in order to listen in to conversations and/or information which is adversely used against said persons for purposes of punishing said citizens/members of the public order in and involved in court proceedings.

28) JUDGESMORE2020 - require that all judges be trained on the a) Emotional Pain Body and b) the Ego Overlay to empower them to be able to see through the Ego Overlay and see around the Emotional Pain Body so they can make the best decisions possible having full knowledge of these two things that were not taught in public schools. 


Terrorists - hereby defined as anyone who abducts or participates in the destroying of another's Life Situations as a result of their direct actions/inaction's and intermedlling into the affairs of another and shall have no other meaning for the context for which it is used anywhere in connection with on this website.