The following is a true story about a White Gloved Murder Victim Situation:

On or about June 1995, a friend of the family, also a City of Montgomery Police Officer/Detective (James La Calameto) gave Certain Material Advice on how a Parent can "work around the 18 year old limit" to help "enable" the Parent to take control over her Son. Said Son was placed into a University of Cincinnati psychiatry hospital and released. The Parent continued to use this "not well known public technique" (4) more times later in this same Son's life.  The Parent followed this Advice then absolutely destroyed the Son's Life Situation by allowing Son to be robbed (by what a society might define as an illegal/undocumented worker) of his former occupation, income, material affects accumulated from many years of hard work, and his ability to maintain a relationship with his family of four children, 2 dogs, and 1 cat. The first time in 1995, had to do with Parent having a major conflict where Parent was vehemently opposed to the Son on the basis of his Sexual Orientation (such violent streak of the Parent was evidenced by Parent beating on car door window with profanities of hatred towards him and his friend Marc Patrick, found sitting in a car together, also witnessed by Andrea Hooker at the time). Also, Parent on another occasion fabricated another story to police to engage the Hamilton Police to threaten to knock down a door if a Son did not come out of an apartment residence. Witnesses to the preceding were Marc Patrick, Tommy Phillips, and two Hamilton Police Officers. The subsequent times sent to hospital, said Parent, filed the remaining "false/deceptive reports" with a deceptive motive, on or about 2013-2014 which had in part, to do with Son living in relationship to an Estate of voluntary poverty, frugality, and obedience to live out more fully the Gospel Charity to raise children in the family on the basis that material possessions do not bring us our primary fulfillment, while on one hand Son was poor and on the other hand he was a Steward of the Estate. Parent, Township, and County Officials interfered to permanently disrupt Son's ability to effectively carry out his free will to work in his profession, earn an income and raise his family the way he chose as described above. To this day, law enforcement agents/officers by their non-response to requests to resolve this matter have refused to help in retrieving the stolen property. Also, after the robbery and loosing job/career as a result of abductions, when Son wanted to visit a religious ordered community out near Pennsylvania, Parent told him that was not allowed and conspired with Cincinnati Police to have him abducted by force at the Cincinnati Greyhound Bus Station (witnessed by Richard Lundrigan and two Cincinnati Police Officers). He was not able to use the prepaid ticket to visit a Christian Community as part of his next possible vocation or calling, again, as a direct and proximate cause of the not well known or published violence and brutality of the System of Extreme Secularism. 

Point: Through a police officer/detective "words", they can express proprietary details of how one can manipulate and work around an otherwise impossible situation to have someone abducted under the pretenses that it is legal, even when it is illegal.  This is the type of excessive force that is pointed out that came from and through a police officer/detective as the "primary cause" of such violence in this story of a Murdered Life Situation. For one could reasonably conclude, by the absence of such material information shared by this police officer/detective, these abductions would not have been able to occur. 

Point: It is believed a reason why a Priest has white opening near their throat chakra, is to point to that our words should be non-violent, because most all wars, strife, and division is created from our words -- what comes out of our mouth. It is absolutely no different than with police officers/law enforcement detectives. 

Some of the foregoing agencies have been notified and they have failed to bring Justice to those who materially Destroyed or Murdered the Son's Life Situation. Those notified include but are not limited to: The Federal Bureau of Investigations (Agent Angela Byers), West Chester Police (Chief Joel Herzog and Assistant Chief Brian Rebholz), Butler County Sheriff's Department (Sheriff Richard K. Jones), Butler County Prosecutor (Michael T. Gmoser), Probate Court Butler County (Secular Judge Randy T. Rogers), Ohio Attorney General, President of the United States (Donald Trump) . Also some news agencies have been notified: WLWT Cincinnati, Fox News, The Today Show, NBC News, Inside Edition, Fox19 Now, 60 Minutes, Channel 12 Cincinnati, and CBS News. The hospitals involved with administering drugs against the Victims will/volition were: The University of Cincinnati, near Downtown Cincinnati and Atrium Medical Center near Monroe, Ohio. 

Please note: The Atrium Medical Center was audacious enough to  send the Son a bill for about $10,000 for part of the abduction expenses they had to incur to perform services against his will/volition. 

One may reasonably conclude that the same negative energy field behind denying woman the right to vote and clubbing and telling people of color to use certain drinking fountains still remains even today and is allowed to go on behind closed doors (but in a different form), where people can trample on rights and strip people of their ability to live out their life based upon their Christian Faith and/or their Sexual Orientation through Excessive Parental-Societal-Police Force ("the System") to punish said Victim(s).  These Victim(s) are truly Victim(s) of White Gloved Murder Situations where organized criminal behavior is allowed to operate in a modern society, even though it is completely uncivilized and truly illegal activity.

The Son today is more concerned about "others today" -- he believes that all people should be able to live, to work, to have a family, to raise their family in a Christian Tradition (as similarly listed above in relationship to an Estate) and that no one based upon their Sexual Orientation nor because of them being Christian should be Abducted as a result of the System and be given medications (against their Victims will/volition) in an attempt to get the Victim to change their Lifestyle nor to renounce their Religious Beliefs as described in this above story. 

This is a Story about Forgiveness and giving Mercy to all. However, it is also a Story about bringing about Justice and Justice Reform to prevent and stop Unjust Aggressors who force themselves on Others by and through manipulation and abuse of the System to serve their agenda.

Even though the System created an experience for him to make it feel like he was being burnt on a stake because of opposing viewpoints by destroying his past and future life situation with his family, kids, career, income, today, the Son, as it relates to this entire matter "Ignores" all of these Associations who have and continue to impose themselves upon him still as if they are in authority over him, while he still loves them all, he does not agree with their actions and absolutely resists with complying with any more of their demands to be subservient to the System regarding these matters. 

This is a prime example of modern day methods of "bullying and brutality through excessive force of the System" for people to comply to cultural-social norms and traditions.  It is the identical, social, systematic behavior that occured in the actual burnings of Christians on a stake hundreds and thousands of years ago for their differing views by members of the public order and its social officials/agents at that time for being "non-conformist" to the Secular Public Order.

Point 1: Awareness of all these types of demonic acts that are allowed to go on successfully without Justice being executed nor assistance to Victim(s) requests as the majority of which have been denied by the lack of responses of the System.

Point 2: To the victims, we must forgive, forget and let go of all of it so we do not live predominately in the past and be depressed or be overly concerned about the future and be filled with anxiety, but we must learn to live in the fullness of the present here and now moment to maintain our peace despite such horrific events that may have happened to us. To keep our sanity, we must use our tragedy to allow God to transform our consciousness to a higher level and allow God to transfigure us into His Son's image and ask that he transmute any and all negative energy to help be the inspiration to help others along the spiritual journey. But we must undergo a process of dis-identification with all form to help us let go of any and all past tragedies. This is most important, as the current system is designed to have each one of us over-identified with what we do, what we have, etc.

Point 3: Recognize that the underlying life is greater than any Life Situation. We must "release" those things we lost as a result of the actions of others even though they were unjust and it all seems so unfair. Our Life Situation is/was our family, career/job, income, physical objects, effects or possessions we owned or stewarded. If we do not, it will eat us up emotionally and we will be incapable of living in the greatest fullness of the present moment. 

Point 4: The Social Secular Order only wants (by their actions) such voluntary divine poverty, life situations, to exist in monasteries alone, far away from the majority of the public and out of sight for a good reason. Such way of living, is counter to the Militarized Industrial Complex (MIC) plan for how to control the masses and socially condition and program people's standard behavior and automatic response patterns so individual viewpoints are greatly hindered (by and through pre-occupation with acquiring and maintaining material goods and services and being victimized by the cultural-social-nationalistic-workaholic-materialistic-addictive approach in the over-identification process and by media programming) from reaching their highest potential to rise above the "collective nationalistic viewpoint alone" to a full Christ Consciousness, the latter, which would bring about a full interior transformation into the full actualization of the Divine Character to overcome the Human Character which is alone a by-product of the social conditioning process. A Christ Consciousness is required to fully be transfigured. The greatest challenge for human beings is to become fully human, however to do so successfully, one must become fully divine. 

Point 5: One might reasonably conclude that many services for Church would never go into this depth of detail, even if this level of revelation had been revealed to them, as Ministers of the Word, maybe because of fear they would be shut down. So they feed those attending in small doses of revelation (similar to the size of small drops that come similarly from a I.V. Drip Bag, one might receive at a hospital) and they hope and pray something might take root from what was said at service and that something will set fire in their attendees interior life, to want to independently walk towards Christ and be transfigured and reformed on their interior from the social formation process. 

Point 6: One might reasonably conclude after having visited at least ten (10) different religious/monastic ordered communities, that one would never find a Superior there talking about this flaw in the social system but rather to avoid it completely because it is too controversial and hits the heart of the issue of all the chaos and violence we see today and keep his sole attention on helping those that come to be re-made in Christ's true likeness and image, as this is what matters most within their communities. The monasteries teach and fulfill the delivery of this education that is not taught in public schools about the Life of Christ and His Divinity. We should be allowed to raise a family and do the same without the need to live in a monastery. The current systems actions are preventing otherwise as demonstrated herein.

An interesting quote to reflect on that might bring some more insight into the current climate and situation we find ourself in: 

"By virtue of the way it has organized its technological base, contemporary industrial society tends to be totalitarian. For "totalitarian" is not only a terroristic political coordination of society, but also a non-terroristic economic-technical coordination which operates through the manipulation of needs by vested interests."

-Herbert Marcuse

Major point about Quote: The system says it is there for our safety, to protect our freedoms and to protect our liberties and justice is for all. These material representations are an absolute lie as it relates to the Victim(s) of the White Gloved Abduction-Murder Situations that "are allowed" to successfully go on to this present day. To this present day, due to a transformation, the Son is no longer the same Son he was before, and is able to get out to visit different religious communities as part of his vocational discernment process since he has been obstructed by His Abductors and Agents thereof from working and making an income like anyone else, all because of his relationship to poverty to the Estate of which he is a Steward which Abductors want him to renounce. 

Status of Son's Life Situation as of the 14th May 2019: Even though, Abductor still will not let Son work and make an income and have it directed to a trust and demands renouncement of voluntary poverty in relationship to an Estate, Son visits another monastic community and is told because he has been admitted to mental institution previously (even though due to deception and/or false reports) informed that most religious orders, in general will not allow such persons to be admitted to their community. Now due to stigmatization of the Injustice and such hatred, Son will continue to volunteer as he has been. Still being denied the opportunity to work a job or have a paid career like anyone else and do it in a way through embracing a life of voluntary poverty in relationship to his Estate because of his Christian view/belief system.  Does this sound like a new form or system of Slavery to you? The Son is not concerned about himself but more concerned about people like you! Especially those in the GLBT and Christian Community who are being abused by allowable violence of and through the System. Abductor apologies and says they are sorry to the Son however refuses to turn themselves in and confess the same to law enforcement which continues to cause strife between them. Where they still love each other, however, the Son, strongly disagrees with Abductor not doing the right thing to correct the situation.To this day, the Son is absolutely determined not to bring any new partners or spouses around his family and in some way feels it is due to the high degree of violence-psychological torture the Parent and others have put  the Son through, because Parent seems and is determined to destroy anything the Son loves.  It is so sad that the System helps in facts participates and supports such Terrorists by allowing and creating the framework for such seemingly Legalized Terror activity, which is truly illegal and inhumane. Was there physical violence that shed blood of the Son by Parents when growing up? Yes and police did not arrest Parents.

The above is one example of what a Holy War looks like in a highly secularized over-identified culture with a Totalitarian Regime, practicing Extreme Secularism, which is a new form of Terrorism that even the media and news seems to want to avoid making known to the majority, this War between "the Secular" and "Religious". Nationalism wants to be primary and have Religion be secondary and subordinated thereto as it fears people will be free of their loneliness and need for co-dependence on and by and through the compulsive need for externals if they know their true one-ness with all of creation.

The Son would also like to say also Victims of White Gloved Murder Situations also includes any and all unborn babies due to legalized murder aka: "Abortions".

As Itzak Perlman, a violinist said as a result of being on stage before others, when his violin string broke and he had to play with one less string instead of stopping or giving up... "Our job is to make music with what remains."

Point: Itzak went on to play an even more beautiful performance than ever before, some say, with one fewer string on his violin than people were conditioned to believe was truly necessary or possible to bring about the best music possible. We are each called to do that, even when horrific events happen to us in our Life Situation and seem to subtract themselves from our life -- they are being subtracted from our Life Situation -- not from our Life. Realizing this more fully by properly distinguishing our real understanding between Life and Life Situation being two, not one, we come to realize that we are not broken because we or someone assaulted, broke, or outright completely murdered/destroyed our Life Situation as a result of the Legalized Terrorism Network that is sadly allowed to continue to operate by the Secular-Civil Force, in today's society. This is also a call to have all police/detectives to wear body cameras and a citizen committee that is able to review tapes in an unbiased way when there are legitimate claims of excessive abuse of power and authority, so that an objective outside committee can ascertain, discern, and recognize where such intolerance and violence is still allowed to remain and continue today, and so such violence can be brought to a permanent end - this is the only hopeful remedy to bringing Legalized Terrorism to an end.