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Understanding the Scope, Breadth and Size of the Secret War on It's Own Member-Citizens: 

The highest ideal we have for you is that you will go from being a Victim of a White Gloved Murder Situation to being a Victor over a White Gloved Murder Situation. This happens when you let go completely and entirely from your Life Situation (in both your past and future), knowing that "it", your Life Situation, the form that it once took, is not your Life (this is the greatest deception and social conditioning that took place to make us believe otherwise), nor is it who you even truly are. The truth is that you are the formless presence of the I AM (before any name and form). When you have no interior baggage and are completely disidentified with that form and all forms for that matter, you have the potential reach more fully, the state of "interior peace that passes all understanding." This is something that top psychiatrists and marketing departments at top corporations would rather us not know, for then we would be liberated from the need to constantly run after one product or service to another in the marketplace. Since a young age, our parents or guardians did not know what they were doing (even they were in the darkness of a larger story going on), but they were training us for the marketplace, to be good soldiers of it, (by going out to spend our birthday or Christmas money at a young age), later in life, we have been conditioned from our childhood, to later in life, spend all of our money before we get it and to buy lots of things because we thought that added to a greater sense of "me" or a "greater self" in general, than what we once were. We were conditioned that the things we would purchase, own, or steward, were somehow "identity enhancers". Yes, In some ways, we were sold off into a system as prisoners or slaves of the marketplace system and every time we endured some kind of loss, we try to make up for it, by making another purchase of a good or service - only to come to find in the end, that absolutely none of them will bring us our primary fulfillment. That primary fulfillment alone, can be found only in our vertical relationship with the "present here and now moment", not in the horizontal dimension which consists of the "past and future". There is nothing wrong with buying, owning, or stewarding things. It is our interior disposition as it relates to our relationship with the material world that matters most, and this is not something that the major corporations and banking industry want to educate us about, but rather, we must become aware of this to most fully awaken and teach our children a better way, so that they, our children, have the opportunity to take a better path/road ahead than we once did. Suicides and addictions are largely attributed to the failure of the recognition of this knowledge that we were conditioned to believe, so when one goes through perceived losses, they feel that life is no longer worth living (because families/society has conditioned the child at a young age to believe that their Life Situation is their Life and it is absolutely not - this was deception) or they try to make up for it in purchasing more things, doing illegal drugs, or excessive alcohol and in the end, this ends up punishing the people that brought them up, as they look upon what is happening right before them and wonder why all that is taking place. Those left behind attribute said losses in their opinion, of their loved ones and blame it upon the fact that they were hanging around the wrong crowd, or people, but fail to realize their part in a larger untold story that many were led into without full knowledge, otherwise, they, as a parent or guardian would have educated their child differently at a young age. It is for this reason, that it is believed that the Ideal Plan for Unity for Future Governors/Presidents, is absolutely so essential to help educate the future generation to be better off than the last. If past parents/guardians, society, as a result of not knowingly neglect to know and to subsequently teach this essential Life Giving message, then, it is reasonable, in the best interest of the whole society, that we institute change to educate and overcome the darkness that continues to pervade and victimize each family and subsequently each individual as part of the modern society in which we live. This is the only way we can overcome this form of Terrorism, that many may not be able to see because they are so pre-occupied with "doing, getting, maintaining, defending, protecting" , which is the single cause of destruction to many. To fight the global war on terrorism, we must first combat it on our very own land and this without a doubt, is the largest War that is going on, that many are even not aware of the full scope of it, because the Media has everyone's attention diverted "elsewhere", so people do not begin to start awakening and asking questions about what actually is going on, on this land. Notice every governatorial and presidential election how the media set's up the framework, to avoid these issues and have people totally engrossed into financial affairs and matters of defense of the land, character controversies and scandals, but does anything it can to avoid these types of concerns and questions arisen herein. You start to wonder who is truly running the media and press agencies, the reporters, or the lawyers (a Secular-Civil Force Military Officer in a Suit)? We must become Victor's in recognizing these certain truths to be self evident which leads to our greatest freedom and liberation ever interiorily. Each one of us that has awakened, now has a duty to be the change we wish to see and to work to bring about change in education, legal, and certain social reforms to minimize, to eliminate the Victims of While Gloved Murder Situations and the larger disorder that is operating right before our eyes and is the largest act of terrorism in what seems to be a uniquely engineered disguised invisible conceptual form (which was reversely sold to us as "freedom") that many "cannot see" if they have not yet awakened and if they are over-occupied with Media scandals and international issues and with form in general. And the Services at Church do not provide the adequate degree of knowledge either for parents/guardians to fully know and understand what is spoken of here, thus why a major shift otherwise must occur, as a societal duty, if it has it's member-citizens best interest in mind. It has a choice to make, either the corporate interests or the member-citizens best interest.

"The cause of any upset or unhappiness is not the situation or the condition, but the thoughts that my mind is creating regarding the situation or the condition". - Epictetus, he was a slave

"It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters." - Epictetus

There is something else to be, something else to become. An interpretation from a book on Acceptance: The Passage to Hope, by Miriam Pollard about the story of a man who came back from the Vietnam war and struggled to re-adjust to society.

1. Create a New Daily Routine.  An example of a daily routine can be found here for the things you value. Even though our attendance to it, will not be perfect - a routine like this can help you re-direct your energies and efforts onto more constructive activity and to avoid placing your attention on the "destructive" aspect of what has happened in your past Life Situations. Click here for a PDF Example.

2. Working out at a gym is important as it will help your mind and body. Ideally 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of strength training. Please if you are able, see a doctor before hand to make sure that regimen is ideal for your unique situation.

3. Placing your new daily attention on the Study of the Life of Christ, studying his behavior and his qualities of action. Also praying the Divine Office up to seven (7) times a day is an ideal way to confirm and reaffirm your identity in Christ, especially when your friends or family will seem to tell you that you are someone else or that your identity is in something else. This is also a great way to assimilate the actual desires, thoughts, words, actions, habits and characters of Christ and to consent to being interior transformed as the supreme means. You can visit the Divine Office website by clicking here.

4. Serving as a Volunteer somewhere. Making a connection with others is very important, especially in the Christian Community. Even though your Abductors or your family may say they are Christian, if they are not truly practicing it, you may not feel you can openly talk to them about your faith in a way that you can go deeper or make a deeper connection. As a result of the Social Conditioning Process, families sadly bottle up and do not speak their truest feelings and are not as open as God would hope. One Victim, choose to start with once a week and then it grew on him to volunteer up to 4 or 5 days a week as part of his daily routine. By having this built in as a daily regimen, it can get you out from also an environment of people that may be berating you. As crazy as it may sound, this is a great way to undergo some of the education/training we did not have in public schools -- it is a great way to practice becoming more selfless and more humble. It is also a great way at practicing non-resistance to what is and taking the last job that no body else wants. It is a great environment to practice servant-leadership which is much of what the bible is teaching about the true exterior behavior of Jesus Christ. There is only so much studying and reading one can do. Doing some labor or work is a great way to re-create energy so when you go back to the things you were doing when you return to where you are staying, you feel different and the process of this helps heal any sense of self that might have been lost as a result of a complete stripping of almost everything you have ever had as part of your Murdered Life Situation.