In summary: A "White Gloved Murder Situation" is (as a result of a pretension that exists in the Abductors mind, because of someones sexual orientation, they are automatically mentally ill) and/or when any law enforcement officer/agent provides material advice on how to work around the system to allow another person to abduct another, files false reports and makes false representations to law enforcement to help solicit their help to detain the Abductee and have them placed into a mental facility and outside of the presence of others, the Abductor demands that the Abductee surrender their will to meet their Abductors demands, if not Abductor threatens to have Abductee sent back again to mental facility to have drugs administered to them against their will and when in the process thereof, the Abductee, was forced to give away, let go of, or allow to be robbed, his/her previous associations with his/her previous life situation, which is defined as but not limited to (ones previous family, kids, career or job, income and physical/material effects from years of hard work) aka "Aborted Life Situations" due to unlawful interference's.  It is also defined and known as any unborn babies (aka: the Rebirth of Life Itself) as a result of legalized murder aka "Abortions"  All of above is from the collective unconscious that is unaware of the awareness of the one life that we are living. Victims of the system due to the social conditioning process.

A Detailed Explanation as it relates to a Life Situation:
1. Certain law enforcement agent(s)/officer(s) are providing legal advice to people of the public on how they can successfully perform "an abduction" against another by using "certain wording" when they call 911 or the local police department.
2. Certain people from the public are taking this advice and using it if their "abductee(s)" do not consent and do what their Abductor demands, by falsely using the legal system to their benefit and to the detriment of the Abductee(s).
3. The System has made no visible sign to Abductee(s) that they are going to bring Justice to their Abductor(s).
4. In essence, an Abductor can perform what appears on the surface as a "legal abduction" by using the current system and to facilitate the end for which they want the Abductee to honor (e.g. having the abductee renounce vows, renounce their way of life style, etc).
5. Secular Judges/Magistrates are sponsoring and supporting this type of behavior as being acceptable without intervening into the criminality of it nor honoring any of the specific requests associated to the benefit of the Abductee(s) for relief.
6. Abductees are being deprived of their right to be in their immediate family, have and raise children in the way they best interpret scripture, from holding a job/career, from being steward of their assets and income, all because The System supports The Abductor's behavior as being perfectly acceptable, therefore killing off any and all potentialities from being fulfilled for someone to live and work in a free environment.
7. In one particular case, 21 agencies have been notified, both local, regional, federal, and state and absolutely no resolution has occurred.
8. Because of this "injustice", this Ministry has been formed to help those who are Victims of what we call White Gloved Murder Situations, where Abductee(s) have been ripped from their life situation in order to be threatened to do the will of their Abductor's.
9. This is a new form of modern slavery and human trafficking which is not acceptable in today's society. In fact, it runs contrary to absolutely almost everything we are as a People and for which we stand.
10. We hope all such prejudicial hatred will stop and that all will work on their interior life to grow to a higher level of consciousness and truly love the other better than the way they have been socially conditioned to, for this is the only hope to end all injustices we see today.

The meaning of: "Let no man pull you low enough to hate him."  - Martin Luther King ... Interpretation of quote: Was that the being which MLK was could see the Social Conditioning Process aka "SCP" process that occurs that makes people hate other people as a result of their behavior but does not realize that Society itself not teaching The Life of Christ, Divinity, Emotional Intelligence, and How we can better control our responses in public school aka "the deprivation process", was the first cause "an omission" . This omission, basically made us more unloving and that it is for each person to come to the recognition of a) who they are b) study to be that and c) be that to others.  What one sees outside them self is also within as a result of this collective conditioning or lack of schooling, it is a collective social quality of the culture. To however see "Christ" in all, is to be considered what is called "the anointed one" -- at this level of consciousness you can see that all people are good even if they perform bad acts, that those bad acts typically have to do with the Omission process. If you are pulled down to the level of hating another, a) you know not who you are truly and b) you know not the true cause of the societal issue that has contributed to mans seemingly disfiguration.  We are all called to undergo the Lord's transfiguration on the mountain of Christ and His Life and by studying Divinity and consenting to be interiorly transformed to have a higher level of consciousness and no longer to see things solely through a dualistic mind and thus to allow our head to be re-wired to be taught all that we were not taught. This is how we truly find our truest self, how we truly provide for ourself and how we can be more fully capable of loving others and being the change we wish to see.  It is the absolute only way towards perfection in Christ, which is truly our very life.