Helping GLBT and Christians-Religious who have been victimized by people filing false reports in a covert mission to help have them change their behavior or renounce their way of life.

Specifically Assisting Victims That Have Been Psychologically, Emotionally, and Physically Tortured as a Direct & Proximate Cause of the Terrorist Actions of the Government of the Public Order

That Participates In, Sponsors, and Permits Truly Illegal Abductions (Under the Guise That They Are Legal) and as a Result, is Absolutely Destroying and Murdering Actual Life Situations Motivated by Prejudicial Hatred & Discrimination. This is a form of organized violence.

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In summary: A "White Gloved Murder Situation" is (as a result of a pretension that exists in the Abductors mind, because of someones sexual orientation, they are automatically mentally ill) and/or when any law enforcement officer/agent provides material advice on how to work around the system to allow another person to abduct another, files false reports and makes false representations to law enforcement to help solicit their help to detain the Abductee and have them placed into a mental facility and outside of the presence of others, the Abductor demands that the Abductee surrender their will to meet their Abductors demands, if not Abductor threatens to have Abductee sent back again to mental facility to have drugs administered to them against their will and when in the process thereof, the Abductee, was forced to give away, let go of, or allow to be robbed, his/her previous associations with his/her previous life situation, which is defined as but not limited to (ones previous family, kids, career or job, income and physical/material effects from years of hard work) aka "Aborted Life Situations" due to unlawful interference's.  It is also defined and known as any unborn babies (aka: the Rebirth of Life Itself) as a result of legalized murder aka "Abortions"  All of above is from the collective unconscious that is unaware of the awareness of the one life that we are living. Victims of the system due to the social conditioning process.

A Detailed Explanation as it relates to a Life Situation:
1. Certain law enforcement agent(s)/officer(s) are providing legal advice to people of the public on how they can successfully perform "an abduction" against another by using "certain wording" when they call 911 or the local police department.
2. Certain people from the public are taking this advice and using it if their "abductee(s)" do not consent and do what their Abductor demands, by falsely using the legal system to their benefit and to the detriment of the Abductee(s).
3. The System has made no visible sign to Abductee(s) that they are going to bring Justice to their Abductor(s).
4. In essence, an Abductor can perform what appears on the surface as a "legal abduction" by using the current system and to facilitate the end for which they want the Abductee to honor (e.g. having the abductee renounce vows, renounce their way of life style, etc).
5. Secular Judges/Magistrates are sponsoring and supporting this type of behavior as being acceptable without intervening into the criminality of it nor honoring any of the specific requests associated to the benefit of the Abductee(s) for relief.
6. Abductees are being deprived of their right to be in their immediate family, have and raise children in the way they best interpret scripture, from holding a job/career, from being steward of their assets and income, all because The System supports The Abductor's behavior as being perfectly acceptable, therefore killing off any and all potentialities from being fulfilled for someone to live and work in a free environment.
7. In one particular case, 21 agencies have been notified, both local, regional, federal, and state and absolutely no resolution has occurred.
8. Because of this "injustice", this Ministry has been formed to help those who are Victims of what we call White Gloved Murder Situations, where Abductee(s) have been ripped from their life situation in order to be threatened to do the will of their Abductor's.
9. This is a new form of modern slavery and human trafficking which is not acceptable in today's society. In fact, it runs contrary to absolutely almost everything we are as a People and for which we stand.
10. We hope all such prejudicial hatred will stop and that all will work on their interior life to grow to a higher level of consciousness and truly love the other better than the way they have been socially conditioned to, for this is the only hope to end all injustices we see today.

The meaning of: "Let no man pull you low enough to hate him."  - Martin Luther King ... Interpretation of quote: Was that the being which MLK was could see the Social Conditioning Process aka "SCP" process that occurs that makes people hate other people as a result of their behavior but does not realize that Society itself not teaching The Life of Christ, Divinity, Emotional Intelligence, and How we can better control our responses in public school aka "the deprivation process", was the first cause "an omission" . This omission, basically made us more unloving and that it is for each person to come to the recognition of a) who they are b) study to be that and c) be that to others.  What one sees outside them self is also within as a result of this collective conditioning or lack of schooling, it is a collective social quality of the culture. To however see "Christ" in all, is to be considered what is called "the anointed one" -- at this level of consciousness you can see that all people are good even if they perform bad acts, that those bad acts typically have to do with the Omission process. If you are pulled down to the level of hating another, a) you know not who you are truly and b) you know not the true cause of the societal issue that has contributed to mans seemingly disfiguration.  We are all called to undergo the Lord's transfiguration on the mountain of Christ and His Life and by studying Divinity and consenting to be interiorly transformed to have a higher level of consciousness and no longer to see things solely through a dualistic mind and thus to allow our head to be re-wired to be taught all that we were not taught. This is how we truly find our truest self, how we truly provide for ourself and how we can be more fully capable of loving others and being the change we wish to see.  It is the absolute only way towards perfection in Christ, which is truly our very life.

The following is a true story about a White Gloved Murder Victim Situation:

On or about June 1995, a friend of the family, also a City of Montgomery Police Officer/Detective (James La Calameto) gave Certain Material Advice on how a Parent can "work around the 18 year old limit" to help "enable" the Parent to take control over her Son. Said Son was placed into a University of Cincinnati psychiatry hospital and released. The Parent continued to use this "not well known public technique" (4) more times later in this same Son's life.  The Parent followed this Advice then absolutely destroyed the Son's Life Situation by allowing Son to be robbed (by what a society might define as an illegal/undocumented worker) of his former occupation, income, material affects accumulated from many years of hard work, and his ability to maintain a relationship with his family of four children, 2 dogs, and 1 cat. The first time in 1995, had to do with Parent having a major conflict where Parent was vehemently opposed to the Son on the basis of his Sexual Orientation (such violent streak of the Parent was evidenced by Parent beating on car door window with profanities of hatred towards him and his friend Marc Patrick, found sitting in a car together, also witnessed by Andrea Hooker at the time). Also, Parent on another occasion fabricated another story to police to engage the Hamilton Police to threaten to knock down a door if a Son did not come out of an apartment residence. Witnesses to the preceding were Marc Patrick, Tommy Phillips, and two Hamilton Police Officers. The subsequent times sent to hospital, said Parent, filed the remaining "false/deceptive reports" with a deceptive motive, on or about 2013-2014 which had in part, to do with Son living in relationship to an Estate of voluntary poverty, frugality, and obedience to live out more fully the Gospel Charity to raise children in the family on the basis that material possessions do not bring us our primary fulfillment, while on one hand Son was poor and on the other hand he was a Steward of the Estate. Parent, Township, and County Officials interfered to permanently disrupt Son's ability to effectively carry out his free will to work in his profession, earn an income and raise his family the way he chose as described above. To this day, law enforcement agents/officers by their non-response to requests to resolve this matter have refused to help in retrieving the stolen property. Also, after the robbery and loosing job/career as a result of abductions, when Son wanted to visit a religious ordered community out near Pennsylvania, Parent told him that was not allowed and conspired with Cincinnati Police to have him abducted by force at the Cincinnati Greyhound Bus Station (witnessed by Richard Lundrigan and two Cincinnati Police Officers). He was not able to use the prepaid ticket to visit a Christian Community as part of his next possible vocation or calling, again, as a direct and proximate cause of the not well known or published violence and brutality of the System of Extreme Secularism. 

Point: Through a police officer/detective "words", they can express proprietary details of how one can manipulate and work around an otherwise impossible situation to have someone abducted under the pretenses that it is legal, even when it is illegal.  This is the type of excessive force that is pointed out that came from and through a police officer/detective as the "primary cause" of such violence in this story of a Murdered Life Situation. For one could reasonably conclude, by the absence of such material information shared by this police officer/detective, these abductions would not have been able to occur. 

Point: It is believed a reason why a Priest has white opening near their throat chakra, is to point to that our words should be non-violent, because most all wars, strife, and division is created from our words -- what comes out of our mouth. It is absolutely no different than with police officers/law enforcement detectives. 

Some of the foregoing agencies have been notified and they have failed to bring Justice to those who materially Destroyed or Murdered the Son's Life Situation. Those notified include but are not limited to: The Federal Bureau of Investigations (Agent Angela Byers), West Chester Police (Chief Joel Herzog and Assistant Chief Brian Rebholz), Butler County Sheriff's Department (Sheriff Richard K. Jones), Butler County Prosecutor (Michael T. Gmoser), Probate Court Butler County (Secular Judge Randy T. Rogers), Ohio Attorney General, President of the United States (Donald Trump) . Also some news agencies have been notified: WLWT Cincinnati, Fox News, The Today Show, NBC News, Inside Edition, Fox19 Now, 60 Minutes, Channel 12 Cincinnati, and CBS News. The hospitals involved with administering drugs against the Victims will/volition were: The University of Cincinnati, near Downtown Cincinnati and Atrium Medical Center near Monroe, Ohio. 

Please note: The Atrium Medical Center was audacious enough to  send the Son a bill for about $10,000 for part of the abduction expenses they had to incur to perform services against his will/volition. 

One may reasonably conclude that the same negative energy field behind denying woman the right to vote and clubbing and telling people of color to use certain drinking fountains still remains even today and is allowed to go on behind closed doors (but in a different form), where people can trample on rights and strip people of their ability to live out their life based upon their Christian Faith and/or their Sexual Orientation through Excessive Parental-Societal-Police Force ("the System") to punish said Victim(s).  These Victim(s) are truly Victim(s) of White Gloved Murder Situations where organized criminal behavior is allowed to operate in a modern society, even though it is completely uncivilized and truly illegal activity.

The Son today is more concerned about "others today" -- he believes that all people should be able to live, to work, to have a family, to raise their family in a Christian Tradition (as similarly listed above in relationship to an Estate) and that no one based upon their Sexual Orientation nor because of them being Christian should be Abducted as a result of the System and be given medications (against their Victims will/volition) in an attempt to get the Victim to change their Lifestyle nor to renounce their Religious Beliefs as described in this above story. 

This is a Story about Forgiveness and giving Mercy to all. However, it is also a Story about bringing about Justice and Justice Reform to prevent and stop Unjust Aggressors who force themselves on Others by and through manipulation and abuse of the System to serve their agenda.

Even though the System created an experience for him to make it feel like he was being burnt on a stake because of opposing viewpoints by destroying his past and future life situation with his family, kids, career, income, today, the Son, as it relates to this entire matter "Ignores" all of these Associations who have and continue to impose themselves upon him still as if they are in authority over him, while he still loves them all, he does not agree with their actions and absolutely resists with complying with any more of their demands to be subservient to the System regarding these matters. 

This is a prime example of modern day methods of "bullying and brutality through excessive force of the System" for people to comply to cultural-social norms and traditions.  It is the identical, social, systematic behavior that occured in the actual burnings of Christians on a stake hundreds and thousands of years ago for their differing views by members of the public order and its social officials/agents at that time for being "non-conformist" to the Secular Public Order.

Point 1: Awareness of all these types of demonic acts that are allowed to go on successfully without Justice being executed nor assistance to Victim(s) requests as the majority of which have been denied by the lack of responses of the System.

Point 2: To the victims, we must forgive, forget and let go of all of it so we do not live predominately in the past and be depressed or be overly concerned about the future and be filled with anxiety, but we must learn to live in the fullness of the present here and now moment to maintain our peace despite such horrific events that may have happened to us. To keep our sanity, we must use our tragedy to allow God to transform our consciousness to a higher level and allow God to transfigure us into His Son's image and ask that he transmute any and all negative energy to help be the inspiration to help others along the spiritual journey. But we must undergo a process of dis-identification with all form to help us let go of any and all past tragedies. This is most important, as the current system is designed to have each one of us over-identified with what we do, what we have, etc.

Point 3: Recognize that the underlying life is greater than any Life Situation. We must "release" those things we lost as a result of the actions of others even though they were unjust and it all seems so unfair. Our Life Situation is/was our family, career/job, income, physical objects, effects or possessions we owned or stewarded. If we do not, it will eat us up emotionally and we will be incapable of living in the greatest fullness of the present moment. 

Point 4: The Social Secular Order only wants (by their actions) such voluntary divine poverty, life situations, to exist in monasteries alone, far away from the majority of the public and out of sight for a good reason. Such way of living, is counter to the Militarized Industrial Complex (MIC) plan for how to control the masses and socially condition and program people's standard behavior and automatic response patterns so individual viewpoints are greatly hindered (by and through pre-occupation with acquiring and maintaining material goods and services and being victimized by the cultural-social-nationalistic-workaholic-materialistic-addictive approach in the over-identification process and by media programming) from reaching their highest potential to rise above the "collective nationalistic viewpoint alone" to a full Christ Consciousness, the latter, which would bring about a full interior transformation into the full actualization of the Divine Character to overcome the Human Character which is alone a by-product of the social conditioning process. A Christ Consciousness is required to fully be transfigured. The greatest challenge for human beings is to become fully human, however to do so successfully, one must become fully divine. 

Point 5: One might reasonably conclude that many services for Church would never go into this depth of detail, even if this level of revelation had been revealed to them, as Ministers of the Word, maybe because of fear they would be shut down. So they feed those attending in small doses of revelation (similar to the size of small drops that come similarly from a I.V. Drip Bag, one might receive at a hospital) and they hope and pray something might take root from what was said at service and that something will set fire in their attendees interior life, to want to independently walk towards Christ and be transfigured and reformed on their interior from the social formation process. 

Point 6: One might reasonably conclude after having visited at least ten (10) different religious/monastic ordered communities, that one would never find a Superior there talking about this flaw in the social system but rather to avoid it completely because it is too controversial and hits the heart of the issue of all the chaos and violence we see today and keep his sole attention on helping those that come to be re-made in Christ's true likeness and image, as this is what matters most within their communities. The monasteries teach and fulfill the delivery of this education that is not taught in public schools about the Life of Christ and His Divinity. We should be allowed to raise a family and do the same without the need to live in a monastery. The current systems actions are preventing otherwise as demonstrated herein.

An interesting quote to reflect on that might bring some more insight into the current climate and situation we find ourself in: 

"By virtue of the way it has organized its technological base, contemporary industrial society tends to be totalitarian. For "totalitarian" is not only a terroristic political coordination of society, but also a non-terroristic economic-technical coordination which operates through the manipulation of needs by vested interests."

-Herbert Marcuse

Major point about Quote: The system says it is there for our safety, to protect our freedoms and to protect our liberties and justice is for all. These material representations are an absolute lie as it relates to the Victim(s) of the White Gloved Abduction-Murder Situations that "are allowed" to successfully go on to this present day. To this present day, due to a transformation, the Son is no longer the same Son he was before, and is able to get out to visit different religious communities as part of his vocational discernment process since he has been obstructed by His Abductors and Agents thereof from working and making an income like anyone else, all because of his relationship to poverty to the Estate of which he is a Steward which Abductors want him to renounce. 

Status of Son's Life Situation as of the 14th May 2019: Even though, Abductor still will not let Son work and make an income and have it directed to a trust and demands renouncement of voluntary poverty in relationship to an Estate, Son visits another monastic community and is told because he has been admitted to mental institution previously (even though due to deception and/or false reports) informed that most religious orders, in general will not allow such persons to be admitted to their community. Now due to stigmatization of the Injustice and such hatred, Son will continue to volunteer as he has been. Still being denied the opportunity to work a job or have a paid career like anyone else and do it in a way through embracing a life of voluntary poverty in relationship to his Estate because of his Christian view/belief system.  Does this sound like a new form or system of Slavery to you? The Son is not concerned about himself but more concerned about people like you! Especially those in the GLBT and Christian Community who are being abused by allowable violence of and through the System. Abductor apologies and says they are sorry to the Son however refuses to turn themselves in and confess the same to law enforcement which continues to cause strife between them. Where they still love each other, however, the Son, strongly disagrees with Abductor not doing the right thing to correct the situation.To this day, the Son is absolutely determined not to bring any new partners or spouses around his family and in some way feels it is due to the high degree of violence-psychological torture the Parent and others have put  the Son through, because Parent seems and is determined to destroy anything the Son loves.  It is so sad that the System helps in facts participates and supports such Terrorists by allowing and creating the framework for such seemingly Legalized Terror activity, which is truly illegal and inhumane. Was there physical violence that shed blood of the Son by Parents when growing up? Yes and police did not arrest Parents.

The above is one example of what a Holy War looks like in a highly secularized over-identified culture with a Totalitarian Regime, practicing Extreme Secularism, which is a new form of Terrorism that even the media and news seems to want to avoid making known to the majority, this War between "the Secular" and "Religious". Nationalism wants to be primary and have Religion be secondary and subordinated thereto as it fears people will be free of their loneliness and need for co-dependence on and by and through the compulsive need for externals if they know their true one-ness with all of creation.

The Son would also like to say also Victims of White Gloved Murder Situations also includes any and all unborn babies due to legalized murder aka: "Abortions".

As Itzak Perlman, a violinist said as a result of being on stage before others, when his violin string broke and he had to play with one less string instead of stopping or giving up... "Our job is to make music with what remains."

Point: Itzak went on to play an even more beautiful performance than ever before, some say, with one fewer string on his violin than people were conditioned to believe was truly necessary or possible to bring about the best music possible. We are each called to do that, even when horrific events happen to us in our Life Situation and seem to subtract themselves from our life -- they are being subtracted from our Life Situation -- not from our Life. Realizing this more fully by properly distinguishing our real understanding between Life and Life Situation being two, not one, we come to realize that we are not broken because we or someone assaulted, broke, or outright completely murdered/destroyed our Life Situation as a result of the Legalized Terrorism Network that is sadly allowed to continue to operate by the Secular-Civil Force, in today's society. This is also a call to have all police/detectives to wear body cameras and a citizen committee that is able to review tapes in an unbiased way when there are legitimate claims of excessive abuse of power and authority, so that an objective outside committee can ascertain, discern, and recognize where such intolerance and violence is still allowed to remain and continue today, and so such violence can be brought to a permanent end - this is the only hopeful remedy to bringing Legalized Terrorism to an end.

What Is Our Mission? imageWhat Is Our Mission? image

To help Victims of White Gloved Murder Situations hereinafter ("VWGMS") that have been abused by The System because of in part or in whole due to their sexual orientation and/or their christian way of life due to prejudicial hatred aka: Aborted Life Situations due to unlawful interference's and due to legalized murder aka: Abortions.


-To provide Spiritual Care by helping seeming others transmute the suffering (aka: Jesus on the Holy Cross) into Awareness through transcendence;
-To raise funds for essential medical and dental expenses;
-To help with activism through public awareness initiatives of such senseless violence and hatred;
-To be an advocate for Legal and Educational Reform, all to help reduce or eliminate future White Gloved Murder Situations from happening again.
-To be an advocate for Life itself and to help bring about a federal ban on Abortions all together.

If you are struggling with any kind of grief of any kind due to a similar event happening to you as described in the earlier video and if you would like to discuss your life situation with a Spiritual Therapist by telephone, please complete this online form. We apologize in advance, however, we currently, are only available on Thursdays between 2:00PM and 4:00PM to begin or start a 30 minute spiritual counseling telephone appointment with you for a one time session. Subsequent sessions can be discussed in greater detail when we speak further by telephone. Steps to successfully book your telephone appointment, please follow the following steps to transmit your request: 1) Choose the Thursday that works for you on the calendar to the right;. 2) Choose the time on that Thursday that works best for you; 3) Click on the Book Now button; 4) Complete your contact information; 5) No worries, the screens will move relatively quickly towards the end, however, your Telephone Appointment Request Form will be submitted to us and we will contact you by telephone, ideally at the time you indicated unless there is a scheduling conflict in which case we will try to find the next available time that works. Thank you!

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Spiritual Movie Reviews, Book & Class Recommendations image
The World Would Say To Be Found in Christ is to Be an Escapist, Christ Say's To Not Be Found In Him, Is To Be An Escapist!

Books on the Life of Christ, Monastic Life, and Books on Consciousness are three book categories that is highly recommended for you if you have gone through any psychological, emotional, or physical violence. Why? It is about learning what we were not taught in public schools -- it is about learning about "our truest self" and a way of life that is more simple and most especially surrendering to the present moment when we cannot remove our self from or change our present Life Situation.Why is this so important? It is essential that we embrace the transcendent dimension and learn how to change our present Life Situation or surrender to it (transcending the reality that our Life Situation is not our true life -- that the Life under our Life Situation is much greater). The Devil/The Forces of the World, wants us to be weighted down with our Life Situation and have us be deceived into believing that our Life Situation is our Life. Placing our attention on the background and not on the foreground was the way that Jesus could say that "I have overcome the world". People of the World will tell you if you are successful of transcending your Life Situation and know you are not it but the True Life - that you are denying your Reality. They will want you to hold up your Life Situation and say that is you and that is who you are. This is how the People of the World have been sadly programmed or conditioned as a result of the Social Conditioning Process and this is what is believed to highly contribute to helping the legal, medical, and pharmaceutical industries profit from such misconceptions.

Note about Libraries: Many have available books in their own immediate library and then at other locations. But some also make available a network of other libraries through companies called: Ohio Search and Ohio Link. Check with your nearby library to see if these titles can be ordered through your library and it is possible that many, if not all of the titles can be eventually picked up at your local branch library. By asking the Librarian, you can learn more about how this can be done if they make this option available to their Patrons.

The foregoing is a partial list of works from each of these Author's.

Author: Eckart Tolle
The Journey into Yourself
The Power of Now
A New Earth
Stillness Speaks
Practicing the Power of Now
Eckhart Tolle on Great Western Classics
Resist Nothing
Becoming a Teacher of Presence

Author: David Hawkins
The Illusion of Time
Freedom from the World
Letting Go
The Eye of the I
Truth vs Falsehood
Discovery of the Presence of God
Dissolving the ego and realizing the self
Transcending Consciousness

Author: Richard Rohr
The Universal Christ
Falling Upward
The Naked Now
Everything Belongs
Immortal Diamond
The Divine Dance
Simplicity: The Freedom of Letting Go
What the Mystics Know
Jesus Plan for A New World
Healing Our Violence
List of titles coming soon!

Author: Thomas Keating
Open Mind, Open Heart
Invitation to Love
The Mystery of Christ
The Human Condition, Contemplation, and Transformation
Crises of Faith, Crises of Love
More titles can be found by clicking here.

Author: Thomas Merton
New Seeds of Contemplation
Thoughts in Solitude
No Man is an Island
On Christian Contemplation
The Intimate Merton
Contemplation in a World of Action
The Search for Wholeness

Other Authors and Titles:

The Way of Perfection by Teresa of Avila
Life is Worth Living, Part 1 and Part 2, by Fulton Sheen
Christ the Way, the Truth, the Life by William Kelly
In Praise of the Useless Life by Paul Quenon, OCSO
The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson
The Life of Christ by Fulton Sheen
The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis
Acceptance: the Passage to Hope by Miriam Pollard
Serenity and Contemplation by Donald Goergen, OP
A Retreat with Teilhard de Chardin by Donald Goergen, OP
The Christian Contemplative Tradition by Donald Goergen, OP

Movie Reviews: 
Being ThereThis story points out, how everyone around the main character has been taken captive by over identification with their surrounding Life Situation and seemingly severed from their recognition of their "True Being" connected to God and by such, they are operating at a very materialistically and a lower level of consciousness. The main character seems to be the only one who is "awake" in a country that is completely blind.  He seems to be the only one who can see in a land where everyone else is blind and those closest to him, wrote him off as a "no body".  It also points out too, that the main character never really became one with his Life Situation.  He seemed to always operate from His Inner Essence at the level of being and he never thought of himself as His Life Situation itself. Watch the trailer. 

Just Let Go - Is a story of a man who lost the majority of his family in a car accident from a drunk driver. It is a story about forgiveness. It is only with, in, by and through the interior transformation process that this man was able to transmute this negative experience into right action of being merciful with the one who got behind the car drunk. It was also heavily influenced on a letter that also happened at a young age in his Life when someone else forgave him. It is a must see for anyone to realize how much social programming has gone on to create a society of vengeance and mercilessness -- it's like a cult that wants to take over as the predominate mentality -- we must be the opposite - we must be love and merciful with those who are unloving and merciless. This is the only way we can transform and improve our current society, one by one. Watch the trailer.

Fierce Grace - Is a great movie about the main character who went through many education pursuits and trials to come to the realization that, that which he was seeking was naturally available to him, within, without the need of any medications to reach the level and awareness that he was the awareness itself and not separate from it. The Western Cult-ure has done a great job of taking God out of Schools and certain Services for Church do not go to the depth that is revealed in this video and similar videos like with Eckhart Tolle in his similar awareness of the same presence and awareness that the main character has in Fierce Grace. This is a great video to watch to realize that we do not have to go to "India" to "get it".  That we can get it "organically" and begin living it the greater fullness of His Presence and living more fully in the every movement of every moment of the present moment. Watch the trailer. 

RV – was an interesting movie with Robin Williams and his family as he went on a vacation and led his family to believe that it was a vacation, but in deed was also part of a work mission.  The parts where Robin Williams seemed to be constantly tested by all those around him which were doing everything possible to make everything around him as difficult as possible, you can tell, that he was intentional about not showing or acting out in anger, and tried to be constantly as selfless and tolerant as possible and unirritable and unoffendable as possible.  This is a reversal of the way we have been Socially Conditioned to behave. In some way, the Christ mystery of Jesus’s action is in this, some of the small deaths to his wants/needs in each moment to allow for handling or responding to the needs and the chaos of his family, show what appears to be the truest love one can have for a family and not look like the devil when things are not working out as planned.  That is the key.  The current system makes people appear as if they are the Devil when things do not work out as planned for them.  We are supposed to awaken to this understanding and then consent to be interiorly transformed by Christ into the best version that God has called us to be through Studying the Life of Christ, practicing truth and virtue not for our sake but for Christ’s sake. Watch the trailer.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest with Jack Nicholson, is about a man that is sent to a state mental institution because allegedly he did not want to work on the work farm.  In so doing and while there, he observed the Head Nurse who was so blinded in that she and even the doctors did not know about two things: 1) the Ego Overlay which is when the Ego is projecting and is not truly the person and 2) the Emotional Pain Body which is a separate entity that is also not the person that has stored up negative energy from negative exchanges throughout the present and past life’s and part of the collective pain body resonating with it.   It shows how ill prepared the nurses, doctors and even Judges and Police Officers were and how mental ward were in terms of being compassionate and thus shows their subsequent negligence to be taught this information as a responsibility of the State, caused a series of misfortunes as it relates to Uncompassionate subsequent acts by the Nurse which activated the pain body and ego’s in the patients and had her convinced that was who those people were. As a result, she was also responsible for trying to use the “Shame” game, which the System likes to do (the shame and honor system) to shame the patient who was placed in a room to have sex with another lady, that Nurse Ratched was materially responsible for his death and as a result of that action was also responsible for the death of the role that Jack Nicholson played in the movie. The point is the principal (not teaching of the Emotional Pain Body and the Ego Overlay) as a result of the Social Conditioning Process is causing and potentially responsible for countless thousands if not millions of unnecessary deaths which keep the doctors and nurses in a state of ignorance and an on going state of certain negligence (not knowingness). In some ways, it is like having a foreign army take over the land and people are believed to not believe it is the case and having our own professionals be used against us by conveying their negligence to us that they are not being taught which is responsible for misdiagnoses and preventing the true ability for one to prescribe the best possible solutions to truly help the whole person. Today, this same exact system of ignorance is happening in one case of the White Gloved Murder Situations listed on this website, where the Federal Government, State, County Governments have taken no measurable and visible action to remedy the Abduction of an individual on five (5) separate occasions which was motivated by Prejudicial hatred and Discrimination because of his sexual orientation and because of living a christian-religious life as it relates to a life of voluntary poverty in relationship to an Estate which is contrary to the collective viewpoint of the society and because of said differences, a certain Judge Randy T. Rogers and others are doing the best they can to contain the situation, but as a direct and proximate cause thereof, has caused what is believed to be undocumented worker(s) to take said Victims past business, income, and effects without his complete authorization and against the Victim's will and Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones and the FBI failed to respond, keeping said Victim in a Private Prison (now going on 5-6 years) in a Private Residence near Route 42 and West Chester Road, without ever coming to his true assistance to correct said harm and injuries inflicted by their actions and lack of actions and care of which they had a duty but were also negligent.  So we must question: has the system really changed on a foundational level of working and operating from better knowledge from when this movie was made?  No, especially when it allows lies to be believed as true to the detriment of the victim and to the benefit of and to fulfill the Abductor's agenda and others. One starts to wonder if this is a highly Organized Crime Syndicate. Not when it is allowed to be used to destroy and murder Life Situations of people's family, work, income, effects they worked hard for. And no, when it has/is being used for electroshock therapy to try to force people to convert their behavior against the victims will.  This is intolerable in a society today and should be revealed on a larger scale for there to be the ability for true change and a more loving future. Oh, Christ the Reporter, where are you? We ask you to please watch this movie two or three times, each time you will pick up subtleties that you did not notice before. We ask you to break rank if you must in order to reveal, so we have a more permanent and larger scale remedy for all those who are being silently abused behind closed doors.This may cost you everything materially to do, but are you willing to do it?  The system wants to keep you in material prison with the threat of material-financial losses so you will not take such a risk to go out on your own if necessary to reveal this story. This is how it maintains certain control over what is reported. Will you be the change we wish to see in news reporting or will you maintain to continue to be a member of the civil corps army news reporting agency that cannot read between the lines?  Watch the trailer

Online Video Class Recommendation: 
A New Earth: Awakening To Your Life's Purpose
Class 1 
Class 2
Class 3
Class 4
Class 5
Class 6
Class 7
Class 8
Class 9
Class 10

*The above are Agent Author's meaning that they each are more than a or their name used, they are an Agent for the One Life that seems to take on a multiplicity of different forms and names.
  • Office of Victim Assistance PO Box 865 West Chester, Ohio 45071
  •  To report violence similar to that shared in the story in the main video, please complete the form below or click on the email address to send us an email. It is strongly encouraged that you contact what is believed to be Justice Officials, however, in the event you are ignored or you wish to report your case to us, for us to contact you, please send us your information below. We believe Work is God's Gift to Us. If anyone comes in and changes our relationship to that work as specifically described in the video on the main page, we are prohibited from continuing to create with our very own hands like the Creator and this is the largest injustice against humanity there is. We realize with a very high degree of certainty if you have experienced a victimization similar to what has been described that you as well may have no advocate working truly to represent your best interest and realize that the value of having a Spiritual Friend is unique to help you get through this difficult time. The apparent legalized system of Terrorism will act like you are the incompetent or insane one. We sympathize for their not knowing that even they have been taken captive and fooled by a force they know not. We, however, realize that such victims must have the transcendent dimension in their life otherwise they will think their Life Situation is their Life and that is the worse kind of prison to be in. If you feel like this is what has happened to you, please let us know, we will be happy to contact you. Also general inquires can be made here as well. Thank you.
An Ideal Plan for recovery from victim to victor image
  • This page is currently under construction - please come back again in the future to see if new updates are added. 
Understanding the Scope, Breadth and Size of the Secret War on It's Own Member-Citizens: 

The highest ideal we have for you is that you will go from being a Victim of a White Gloved Murder Situation to being a Victor over a White Gloved Murder Situation. This happens when you let go completely and entirely from your Life Situation (in both your past and future), knowing that "it", your Life Situation, the form that it once took, is not your Life (this is the greatest deception and social conditioning that took place to make us believe otherwise), nor is it who you even truly are. The truth is that you are the formless presence of the I AM (before any name and form). When you have no interior baggage and are completely disidentified with that form and all forms for that matter, you have the potential reach more fully, the state of "interior peace that passes all understanding." This is something that top psychiatrists and marketing departments at top corporations would rather us not know, for then we would be liberated from the need to constantly run after one product or service to another in the marketplace. Since a young age, our parents or guardians did not know what they were doing (even they were in the darkness of a larger story going on), but they were training us for the marketplace, to be good soldiers of it, (by going out to spend our birthday or Christmas money at a young age), later in life, we have been conditioned from our childhood, to later in life, spend all of our money before we get it and to buy lots of things because we thought that added to a greater sense of "me" or a "greater self" in general, than what we once were. We were conditioned that the things we would purchase, own, or steward, were somehow "identity enhancers". Yes, In some ways, we were sold off into a system as prisoners or slaves of the marketplace system and every time we endured some kind of loss, we try to make up for it, by making another purchase of a good or service - only to come to find in the end, that absolutely none of them will bring us our primary fulfillment. That primary fulfillment alone, can be found only in our vertical relationship with the "present here and now moment", not in the horizontal dimension which consists of the "past and future". There is nothing wrong with buying, owning, or stewarding things. It is our interior disposition as it relates to our relationship with the material world that matters most, and this is not something that the major corporations and banking industry want to educate us about, but rather, we must become aware of this to most fully awaken and teach our children a better way, so that they, our children, have the opportunity to take a better path/road ahead than we once did. Suicides and addictions are largely attributed to the failure of the recognition of this knowledge that we were conditioned to believe, so when one goes through perceived losses, they feel that life is no longer worth living (because families/society has conditioned the child at a young age to believe that their Life Situation is their Life and it is absolutely not - this was deception) or they try to make up for it in purchasing more things, doing illegal drugs, or excessive alcohol and in the end, this ends up punishing the people that brought them up, as they look upon what is happening right before them and wonder why all that is taking place. Those left behind attribute said losses in their opinion, of their loved ones and blame it upon the fact that they were hanging around the wrong crowd, or people, but fail to realize their part in a larger untold story that many were led into without full knowledge, otherwise, they, as a parent or guardian would have educated their child differently at a young age. It is for this reason, that it is believed that the Ideal Plan for Unity for Future Governors/Presidents, is absolutely so essential to help educate the future generation to be better off than the last. If past parents/guardians, society, as a result of not knowingly neglect to know and to subsequently teach this essential Life Giving message, then, it is reasonable, in the best interest of the whole society, that we institute change to educate and overcome the darkness that continues to pervade and victimize each family and subsequently each individual as part of the modern society in which we live. This is the only way we can overcome this form of Terrorism, that many may not be able to see because they are so pre-occupied with "doing, getting, maintaining, defending, protecting" , which is the single cause of destruction to many. To fight the global war on terrorism, we must first combat it on our very own land and this without a doubt, is the largest War that is going on, that many are even not aware of the full scope of it, because the Media has everyone's attention diverted "elsewhere", so people do not begin to start awakening and asking questions about what actually is going on, on this land. Notice every governatorial and presidential election how the media set's up the framework, to avoid these issues and have people totally engrossed into financial affairs and matters of defense of the land, character controversies and scandals, but does anything it can to avoid these types of concerns and questions arisen herein. You start to wonder who is truly running the media and press agencies, the reporters, or the lawyers (a Secular-Civil Force Military Officer in a Suit)? We must become Victor's in recognizing these certain truths to be self evident which leads to our greatest freedom and liberation ever interiorily. Each one of us that has awakened, now has a duty to be the change we wish to see and to work to bring about change in education, legal, and certain social reforms to minimize, to eliminate the Victims of While Gloved Murder Situations and the larger disorder that is operating right before our eyes and is the largest act of terrorism in what seems to be a uniquely engineered disguised invisible conceptual form (which was reversely sold to us as "freedom") that many "cannot see" if they have not yet awakened and if they are over-occupied with Media scandals and international issues and with form in general. And the Services at Church do not provide the adequate degree of knowledge either for parents/guardians to fully know and understand what is spoken of here, thus why a major shift otherwise must occur, as a societal duty, if it has it's member-citizens best interest in mind. It has a choice to make, either the corporate interests or the member-citizens best interest.

"The cause of any upset or unhappiness is not the situation or the condition, but the thoughts that my mind is creating regarding the situation or the condition". - Epictetus, he was a slave

"It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters." - Epictetus

There is something else to be, something else to become. An interpretation from a book on Acceptance: The Passage to Hope, by Miriam Pollard about the story of a man who came back from the Vietnam war and struggled to re-adjust to society.

1. Create a New Daily Routine.  An example of a daily routine can be found here for the things you value. Even though our attendance to it, will not be perfect - a routine like this can help you re-direct your energies and efforts onto more constructive activity and to avoid placing your attention on the "destructive" aspect of what has happened in your past Life Situations. Click here for a PDF Example.

2. Working out at a gym is important as it will help your mind and body. Ideally 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of strength training. Please if you are able, see a doctor before hand to make sure that regimen is ideal for your unique situation.

3. Placing your new daily attention on the Study of the Life of Christ, studying his behavior and his qualities of action. Also praying the Divine Office up to seven (7) times a day is an ideal way to confirm and reaffirm your identity in Christ, especially when your friends or family will seem to tell you that you are someone else or that your identity is in something else. This is also a great way to assimilate the actual desires, thoughts, words, actions, habits and characters of Christ and to consent to being interior transformed as the supreme means. You can visit the Divine Office website by clicking here.

4. Serving as a Volunteer somewhere. Making a connection with others is very important, especially in the Christian Community. Even though your Abductors or your family may say they are Christian, if they are not truly practicing it, you may not feel you can openly talk to them about your faith in a way that you can go deeper or make a deeper connection. As a result of the Social Conditioning Process, families sadly bottle up and do not speak their truest feelings and are not as open as God would hope. One Victim, choose to start with once a week and then it grew on him to volunteer up to 4 or 5 days a week as part of his daily routine. By having this built in as a daily regimen, it can get you out from also an environment of people that may be berating you. As crazy as it may sound, this is a great way to undergo some of the education/training we did not have in public schools -- it is a great way to practice becoming more selfless and more humble. It is also a great way at practicing non-resistance to what is and taking the last job that no body else wants. It is a great environment to practice servant-leadership which is much of what the bible is teaching about the true exterior behavior of Jesus Christ. There is only so much studying and reading one can do. Doing some labor or work is a great way to re-create energy so when you go back to the things you were doing when you return to where you are staying, you feel different and the process of this helps heal any sense of self that might have been lost as a result of a complete stripping of almost everything you have ever had as part of your Murdered Life Situation.

One of two paths must be taken as we proceed ahead in politics as we see it: Option A) A new generation and the same tradition or option B) A new generation and a new tradition. If chose Option B, the foregoing below is absolutely essential to each person having the equal opportunity to live life to it's fullest otherwise known as to assist each person to live to his or her highest potential.

Political main message: Unity Over Diversity

Main motto: Truly Making America Great Again! 

Facts on the Core Problem: By not teaching God which is "Love" in Public Schools, the System is teaching and conditioning people how to act like the Devil whenever they have problems in their Life Situations  This also conditions humans to scapegoat and project their shadow elsewhere, but never see the character defects within them that occurred from the social conditioning process, which has them fall and be enslaved to their old reactive conditioned processes which contributes highly to suicides, murders, violence, addictions and inability to find a balance within any Life Situation. The services at Church seem to be held hostage by a foreign force that does not permit them to go into greater and more in-depth detail about what people really need to know to overcome what they were not taught to have the greater fullness of the right insight to properly raise their families in the spirit of Love. And parents, unless they go deeper and consent to be interiorly transformed are not able to transmit this to their children which mirror their behavior. This is the core cause of the widespread Epidemic of all violence that we see which at present can only be overcome by individual reform, where each person consents to allow God to change their interior and have them be taught all that is needed.  This is the seemingly unspoken and highly unknown war against the American People that The Media does not want you to know by having you be overwhelmed "with other" foreign matters -- keeping the focus and diverting your attention elsewhere. Some people might call what the media is doing to divert your attention "fake news" or a re-framing to divert the social collective's attention elsewhere and not get to the core underlying current social problem of the society creating Devils or even the awareness of The Devils Tower Activity that is spoken of herein for which this proposal herein is set to overcome. A single parent may easily be able to see that this is the core issue for why a spouse or partner and a relationship fell apart, that even their Spouse/Partner was a Victim of the System and as a result that Victim, Victimized them and annihilated their family situation.

New Educational Motto for Dept of Education: Men and Women for Others

Highest Concern: Our Character is More, Now Than Ever, At Stake - We Must Act Now!

We must have clarity in what we want to see "in any future Governor and President", who has our truest interest at heart, before we can fulfill bringing that about as a true manifestation. A future compassionate President of the United States of America would look like one who took strong positions on enacting policy and laws to effect the change in some of the following ways:

The Top Three (3) Priorities:

1) Defense;
2) Provide Basic Life Skills to build strong characters so strong roots in the family unit;
3) Balancing the budget

Note: The top three (3) priorities above does not exclude the fact that there would be additional. Those are just not listed here, at this time.


1) Banning abortion - creating an automatic prison term for any offenders thereof;

2) A True Quality Education Offered to All - for empowering every student to have the option of a Core Fundamental Education hereinafter referred to as ("CFE") or as Basic Life Skills ("BLS") which includes but is not limited to education on the following: emotional intelligence, how to control responses and overcome old previous reactive patterns, how to live a virtuous life, how to discern truth from falsehood, knowledge about the contemplative/transcendent dimension that helps all build a strong character as well as required philosophy classes. This is so each has the opportunity to have intelligence and a good character. It would also greatly contribute to the creation of more creative companies and jobs for services and products as people would be tapping more into the "creative side" of the formless dimension to bring about God's dream to other's through them more easily. Also Time Management and Financial Management classes to help people learn how to create the time for the things they value most in their life and how to be good stewards of their households and how to find and have more balance and harmony in a rather highly technological environment where now more than ever things are competing for our full and undivided attention. Also health classes to include how to budget and plan calorie intake and moderate said activity, Also teach how to create budgets, how to fund, how to spend and use basic financial projections for their households;

3) Making illegal the abduction of another to destroy their Life Situation - creating strict laws that would discourage such behavior and making it illegal to prevent someone from living a life of voluntary poverty in relationship to their Estate and to create a special task force to oversee and enforce said initiatives;

4) Recognition of the Unity in All - would possess the qualities and characteristics of knowing that we are all a temporary expression of Almighty God's One Life. That all life is sacred and worthy of being lived and institute initiatives that would build up instead of tear down creation;

5) Recognition of the Dignity of Man - recognizing that, that the divine stamp is on all - whether they are a janitor or running a nation that one should not feel led to believe any one is superior to the other. To provide insight and inspiration to the nation that there is something great in all of us -- and that running after superior positions to think they add to a superior version of a sense of "me/us" is a lie and a false foundation that does not show our true character;

6) Recognition of the Current System of Slavery - by the absence of teaching CFE, that the current system of slavery, enslaves peoples minds and senses where their actions and behaviors are concertized and is what is feeding the commercial, legal, medical, and pharmaceutical industry profits with record profits and leading cause of all addictions, pain, suffering, and violence. That what people believe is Independence and Freedom currently is false propaganda by the Civil-Secular Force to keep national focus on international front, disguising the major deficiency of the core critical missing link in the current education system that is causing and creating Terrorists on our own land. It is also recognizing that the current system of Churches and Families have failed at successfully providing this needed education to where external behavior is being demonstrated by the majority. It is also recognizing by not having CFE, that we will continue to have record divorce situations and without CFE there is little to no hope for future improved stability in family situations and continued if not growing dysfunction among family situations;

7) Mandating body cameras - for all police and law enforcement personnel, without exception;

8) Unwavering determination - to be willing to be only a one term governor/president and to be willing to do the right thing always and to be willing to not please everyone and to be willing to be the most unpopular to effect and bring about this change so that we may have greater hope of a more loving, less hateful, and a more healthy society for the future;

9) Mandating calorie information on all menus - next to all prices, across the board, no restaurant or establishment being exempted, without exception;

10) A willingness to go against tradition and old school mentality - that wants people to believe that the way the system has been or currently is, "is the best" and that it, "the current way" is producing the best results. To be willing to bring about change despite older school mentalities and positionalities, however, willing to have dialogue with others to help enlighten them to the benefits of this greater plan for change ;

11) A permanent ban on any and all state and federal executions - society had a duty to properly teach people how to process anger and their emotions, it failed, it thus cannot use it's own negligence to execute the people it failed to teach then about how they are being possessed and taken over by the Emotional Pain Body. On this basis, all executions should be banned;

12) A CFE Plan for rehabilitative purposes - in all jails/prisons to help people with their emotions/feelings and helping them recognize who they are called to become;

13) Required Student Volunteer Service to the Less Fortunate for Credit - for all kids 13 and up in any school that receives state or federal funding.

14) Regarding All Marriage Licenses - that any and all adults shall be required to complete ten (10) classes from "A New Earth" with Oprah Winfrey and Eckhart Tolle in a group classroom style setting prior to the issuance of any Marriage Licenses. The purpose is so they can have the potential to more fully awaken into who they are and to teach their children how now to be over identified with form which will greatly reduce the chance of addictions and suicides and killings, reducing the collective crime in general and saving and preserving Life itself, to know that Life is worth living. This would save millions if not billions of dollars that would otherwise not need to be spent in the industries of the medical, pharmaceutical and legal industries that otherwise come as a result of people being over identified with form and when a tragedy of a loss of form comes they feel like they have lost a sense of their self. This will also have the chance to transmit essential information so they can raise their children in the best manner possible and help them build a strong and good character.

15) Equal Opportunity for All Volunteers - That all volunteers are treated the same and not any different due to disability, sex, age, color, sexual orientation, or nationality. creed or genetic information.

16) Legalize prayer in public schools - Allowing up to seven (7) prayer times each day with the Liturgical Office or Divine Office or similar which helps a child be formed in Christ's true likeness in terms of Character. So that one can assimilate the desires, the thoughts, the words, the actions, the habits of Jesus Christ which is perfect love.

17) Willing to Discuss & Debate with Others - about the ideal of keeping the old education model for parents who are adverse and do not want their child in part of the new CFE program.

18) Clearing the Record for Anyone Applying For Religious Orders or Work - where they still have a record as a it relates to the unlawful actions of their Abductor who used deceit to have their Abductee attempt to do their will as a result of a coordinated effort in any kind, so that they are not adversely affected from being denied the ability to enter a Religious Community within a Monastery or other Religious Order nor prevented from obtaining future work.

19) Border Patrol Restitution Fund - to reimburse members who have suffered economic or material losses as direct and proximate cause for not properly preventing people from coming into the United States Enclosure as a result of being a Victim of a Murdered Life Situation.

20) Add "Sexual Orientation" - as a new federally protected class.

21) A 1 Year Guaranteed Prison Term - for any person caught on tape or recorded expressing prejudicial hatred towards any people of the federally protected classes.

22) A Federal Child Oversight Investigative Unit - that would investigate and oversee and make sure that children are not being instructed or guided by parents (Foster or otherwise) to withhold certain information from a court ordered or other appointed therapist or related counselor that would otherwise allow the child to be their truest self and tell the truth about their entire situation to the best of their ability.

23) A Special Investigation - to ascertain and conclude whether or not the United States of America, the States therein, and it's members, within it's enclosure, have been infiltrated (instead of invaded) by a foreign force that has i) influenced and/or permitted the taking out of God and preventing prayer and keeping Basic Life Skills out of public schools, where the current model is handicapping many people's Life Situations and preventing them from living a fully functional, merciful, and loving life with less pain and suffering; ii) to determine if the United States of America Military is being used a) against its' own members/people and or if a foreign force is using the USA to carry out it's plans and designs on an international front so it can appear "neutral" to the world and to reveal the same findings to the public members thereof.

24) Help Solve Mental Illness Epidemic - that so called hospitals and doctors call "mental illness", which is the effects of not teaching people who they are in public schools and they think that their Life Situation is their Life and they think their Life is coming to an end, only to find out it is the Ego which Society helped them create which is a Fictional Self Identity as part of the Civil-Secular Force Social Conditioning Process. This happens a lot with the homeless. The Doctor's are Diagnosing truly the Social Systems Dysfunction that allowed the Ego Self to be created through the Social Conditioning Process and through depriving them of their true identity.

25) A Federal NMH aka: Nursing Home Mental Hospital Abuse Special Investigative & Enforcement Unit - to investigate and over see to ensure that there is no allowable nursing home and/or mental hospital abuses, especially against any of the protected classes and to ideally have a definite intervention plan to rectify and eliminate said abuses, especially any that may be from and Abductor/Secular Judges operating to manipulate or influence people to act a certain way as it relates to fulfilling any hatred or violence as a retaliatory measure where one's values may be contrary to said Abductor/Secular Judges.

26.) One (1) Hour of Silence in all public schools everyday. So kids can be formed to live in the greater fullness of there "here and now" and not be caught up in the need to run after the next moment to find their primary fulfillment which is the way the present system is training children and so they can practice living in the fullness of the present here and now to overcome being trapped in the mind in a past memory or a future anticipation which causes later mental disorders and also unnecessary addictions, and unneeded anxiety and worry.

27). Complete an investigation to find out if FCC is monitoring any/all phones and electronics with a "blanket court ordered" court order or similar means and/or without, in order to listen in to conversations and/or information which is adversely used against said persons for purposes of punishing said citizens/members of the public order in and involved in court proceedings.

28) JUDGESMORE2020 - require that all judges be trained on the a) Emotional Pain Body and b) the Ego Overlay to empower them to be able to see through the Ego Overlay and see around the Emotional Pain Body so they can make the best decisions possible having full knowledge of these two things that were not taught in public schools. 


Terrorists - hereby defined as anyone who abducts or participates in the destroying of another's Life Situations as a result of their direct actions/inaction's and intermedlling into the affairs of another and shall have no other meaning for the context for which it is used anywhere in connection with on this website.
  • Office of Victim Assistance PO Box 865 West Chester, Ohio 45071