• Office of Victim Assistance PO Box 865 West Chester, Ohio 45071
  •  helpvictimsofwgm@gmail.com
  •  To report violence similar to that shared in the story in the main video, please complete the form below or click on the email address to send us an email. It is strongly encouraged that you contact what is believed to be Justice Officials, however, in the event you are ignored or you wish to report your case to us, for us to contact you, please send us your information below. We believe Work is God's Gift to Us. If anyone comes in and changes our relationship to that work as specifically described in the video on the main page, we are prohibited from continuing to create with our very own hands like the Creator and this is the largest injustice against humanity there is. We realize with a very high degree of certainty if you have experienced a victimization similar to what has been described that you as well may have no advocate working truly to represent your best interest and realize that the value of having a Spiritual Friend is unique to help you get through this difficult time. The apparent legalized system of Terrorism will act like you are the incompetent or insane one. We sympathize for their not knowing that even they have been taken captive and fooled by a force they know not. We, however, realize that such victims must have the transcendent dimension in their life otherwise they will think their Life Situation is their Life and that is the worse kind of prison to be in. If you feel like this is what has happened to you, please let us know, we will be happy to contact you. Also general inquires can be made here as well. Thank you.