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The World Would Say To Be Found in Christ is to Be an Escapist, Christ Say's To Not Be Found In Him, Is To Be An Escapist!

Books on the Life of Christ, Monastic Life, and Books on Consciousness are three book categories that is highly recommended for you if you have gone through any psychological, emotional, or physical violence. Why? It is about learning what we were not taught in public schools -- it is about learning about "our truest self" and a way of life that is more simple and most especially surrendering to the present moment when we cannot remove our self from or change our present Life Situation.Why is this so important? It is essential that we embrace the transcendent dimension and learn how to change our present Life Situation or surrender to it (transcending the reality that our Life Situation is not our true life -- that the Life under our Life Situation is much greater). The Devil/The Forces of the World, wants us to be weighted down with our Life Situation and have us be deceived into believing that our Life Situation is our Life. Placing our attention on the background and not on the foreground was the way that Jesus could say that "I have overcome the world". People of the World will tell you if you are successful of transcending your Life Situation and know you are not it but the True Life - that you are denying your Reality. They will want you to hold up your Life Situation and say that is you and that is who you are. This is how the People of the World have been sadly programmed or conditioned as a result of the Social Conditioning Process and this is what is believed to highly contribute to helping the legal, medical, and pharmaceutical industries profit from such misconceptions.

Note about Libraries: Many have available books in their own immediate library and then at other locations. But some also make available a network of other libraries through companies called: Ohio Search and Ohio Link. Check with your nearby library to see if these titles can be ordered through your library and it is possible that many, if not all of the titles can be eventually picked up at your local branch library. By asking the Librarian, you can learn more about how this can be done if they make this option available to their Patrons.

The foregoing is a partial list of works from each of these Author's.

Author: Eckart Tolle
The Journey into Yourself
The Power of Now
A New Earth
Stillness Speaks
Practicing the Power of Now
Eckhart Tolle on Great Western Classics
Resist Nothing
Becoming a Teacher of Presence

Author: David Hawkins
The Illusion of Time
Freedom from the World
Letting Go
The Eye of the I
Truth vs Falsehood
Discovery of the Presence of God
Dissolving the ego and realizing the self
Transcending Consciousness

Author: Richard Rohr
The Universal Christ
Falling Upward
The Naked Now
Everything Belongs
Immortal Diamond
The Divine Dance
Simplicity: The Freedom of Letting Go
What the Mystics Know
Jesus Plan for A New World
Healing Our Violence
List of titles coming soon!

Author: Thomas Keating
Open Mind, Open Heart
Invitation to Love
The Mystery of Christ
The Human Condition, Contemplation, and Transformation
Crises of Faith, Crises of Love
More titles can be found by clicking here.

Author: Thomas Merton
New Seeds of Contemplation
Thoughts in Solitude
No Man is an Island
On Christian Contemplation
The Intimate Merton
Contemplation in a World of Action
The Search for Wholeness

Other Authors and Titles:

The Way of Perfection by Teresa of Avila
Life is Worth Living, Part 1 and Part 2, by Fulton Sheen
Christ the Way, the Truth, the Life by William Kelly
In Praise of the Useless Life by Paul Quenon, OCSO
The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson
The Life of Christ by Fulton Sheen
The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis
Acceptance: the Passage to Hope by Miriam Pollard
Serenity and Contemplation by Donald Goergen, OP
A Retreat with Teilhard de Chardin by Donald Goergen, OP
The Christian Contemplative Tradition by Donald Goergen, OP

Movie Reviews: 
Being ThereThis story points out, how everyone around the main character has been taken captive by over identification with their surrounding Life Situation and seemingly severed from their recognition of their "True Being" connected to God and by such, they are operating at a very materialistically and a lower level of consciousness. The main character seems to be the only one who is "awake" in a country that is completely blind.  He seems to be the only one who can see in a land where everyone else is blind and those closest to him, wrote him off as a "no body".  It also points out too, that the main character never really became one with his Life Situation.  He seemed to always operate from His Inner Essence at the level of being and he never thought of himself as His Life Situation itself. Watch the trailer. 

Just Let Go - Is a story of a man who lost the majority of his family in a car accident from a drunk driver. It is a story about forgiveness. It is only with, in, by and through the interior transformation process that this man was able to transmute this negative experience into right action of being merciful with the one who got behind the car drunk. It was also heavily influenced on a letter that also happened at a young age in his Life when someone else forgave him. It is a must see for anyone to realize how much social programming has gone on to create a society of vengeance and mercilessness -- it's like a cult that wants to take over as the predominate mentality -- we must be the opposite - we must be love and merciful with those who are unloving and merciless. This is the only way we can transform and improve our current society, one by one. Watch the trailer.

Fierce Grace - Is a great movie about the main character who went through many education pursuits and trials to come to the realization that, that which he was seeking was naturally available to him, within, without the need of any medications to reach the level and awareness that he was the awareness itself and not separate from it. The Western Cult-ure has done a great job of taking God out of Schools and certain Services for Church do not go to the depth that is revealed in this video and similar videos like with Eckhart Tolle in his similar awareness of the same presence and awareness that the main character has in Fierce Grace. This is a great video to watch to realize that we do not have to go to "India" to "get it".  That we can get it "organically" and begin living it the greater fullness of His Presence and living more fully in the every movement of every moment of the present moment. Watch the trailer. 

RV – was an interesting movie with Robin Williams and his family as he went on a vacation and led his family to believe that it was a vacation, but in deed was also part of a work mission.  The parts where Robin Williams seemed to be constantly tested by all those around him which were doing everything possible to make everything around him as difficult as possible, you can tell, that he was intentional about not showing or acting out in anger, and tried to be constantly as selfless and tolerant as possible and unirritable and unoffendable as possible.  This is a reversal of the way we have been Socially Conditioned to behave. In some way, the Christ mystery of Jesus’s action is in this, some of the small deaths to his wants/needs in each moment to allow for handling or responding to the needs and the chaos of his family, show what appears to be the truest love one can have for a family and not look like the devil when things are not working out as planned.  That is the key.  The current system makes people appear as if they are the Devil when things do not work out as planned for them.  We are supposed to awaken to this understanding and then consent to be interiorly transformed by Christ into the best version that God has called us to be through Studying the Life of Christ, practicing truth and virtue not for our sake but for Christ’s sake. Watch the trailer.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest with Jack Nicholson, is about a man that is sent to a state mental institution because allegedly he did not want to work on the work farm.  In so doing and while there, he observed the Head Nurse who was so blinded in that she and even the doctors did not know about two things: 1) the Ego Overlay which is when the Ego is projecting and is not truly the person and 2) the Emotional Pain Body which is a separate entity that is also not the person that has stored up negative energy from negative exchanges throughout the present and past life’s and part of the collective pain body resonating with it.   It shows how ill prepared the nurses, doctors and even Judges and Police Officers were and how mental ward were in terms of being compassionate and thus shows their subsequent negligence to be taught this information as a responsibility of the State, caused a series of misfortunes as it relates to Uncompassionate subsequent acts by the Nurse which activated the pain body and ego’s in the patients and had her convinced that was who those people were. As a result, she was also responsible for trying to use the “Shame” game, which the System likes to do (the shame and honor system) to shame the patient who was placed in a room to have sex with another lady, that Nurse Ratched was materially responsible for his death and as a result of that action was also responsible for the death of the role that Jack Nicholson played in the movie. The point is the principal (not teaching of the Emotional Pain Body and the Ego Overlay) as a result of the Social Conditioning Process is causing and potentially responsible for countless thousands if not millions of unnecessary deaths which keep the doctors and nurses in a state of ignorance and an on going state of certain negligence (not knowingness). In some ways, it is like having a foreign army take over the land and people are believed to not believe it is the case and having our own professionals be used against us by conveying their negligence to us that they are not being taught which is responsible for misdiagnoses and preventing the true ability for one to prescribe the best possible solutions to truly help the whole person. Today, this same exact system of ignorance is happening in one case of the White Gloved Murder Situations listed on this website, where the Federal Government, State, County Governments have taken no measurable and visible action to remedy the Abduction of an individual on five (5) separate occasions which was motivated by Prejudicial hatred and Discrimination because of his sexual orientation and because of living a christian-religious life as it relates to a life of voluntary poverty in relationship to an Estate which is contrary to the collective viewpoint of the society and because of said differences, a certain Judge Randy T. Rogers and others are doing the best they can to contain the situation, but as a direct and proximate cause thereof, has caused what is believed to be undocumented worker(s) to take said Victims past business, income, and effects without his complete authorization and against the Victim's will and Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones and the FBI failed to respond, keeping said Victim in a Private Prison (now going on 5-6 years) in a Private Residence near Route 42 and West Chester Road, without ever coming to his true assistance to correct said harm and injuries inflicted by their actions and lack of actions and care of which they had a duty but were also negligent.  So we must question: has the system really changed on a foundational level of working and operating from better knowledge from when this movie was made?  No, especially when it allows lies to be believed as true to the detriment of the victim and to the benefit of and to fulfill the Abductor's agenda and others. One starts to wonder if this is a highly Organized Crime Syndicate. Not when it is allowed to be used to destroy and murder Life Situations of people's family, work, income, effects they worked hard for. And no, when it has/is being used for electroshock therapy to try to force people to convert their behavior against the victims will.  This is intolerable in a society today and should be revealed on a larger scale for there to be the ability for true change and a more loving future. Oh, Christ the Reporter, where are you? We ask you to please watch this movie two or three times, each time you will pick up subtleties that you did not notice before. We ask you to break rank if you must in order to reveal, so we have a more permanent and larger scale remedy for all those who are being silently abused behind closed doors.This may cost you everything materially to do, but are you willing to do it?  The system wants to keep you in material prison with the threat of material-financial losses so you will not take such a risk to go out on your own if necessary to reveal this story. This is how it maintains certain control over what is reported. Will you be the change we wish to see in news reporting or will you maintain to continue to be a member of the civil corps army news reporting agency that cannot read between the lines?  Watch the trailer

Online Video Class Recommendation: 
A New Earth: Awakening To Your Life's Purpose
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*The above are Agent Author's meaning that they each are more than a or their name used, they are an Agent for the One Life that seems to take on a multiplicity of different forms and names.