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White Gloved Murder Situations - an event by a person who abducts another against their will to get or attempt to get them to perform the abductors demands which materially was responsible in part or in whole for the annihilation and or murdering of a person's Life Situation. 

Good People - All people are good people, they are operating from their level of consciousness.  For their actions are not necessarily who they are in their highest potential.  However, certain reforms, legal, education, and other types of reform are sometimes necessary to discourage and stop certain prejudicial hatred and related violence. 

Corporate Martial Law System - Is with, by and through the creation of trust locations, with states created from state constitutions or charters, counties and municipalities aka: cities. By getting subjects to say "residents" or "citizens" they in some way are giving up their rights, as said rights are reconveyed through then the bylaws and statutes of these corporations and states lenses based upon common acceptable laws and norms for purposes of social order. The totalitarian fear is generated by having people must choose and identify with what social order states they are subject to and nation and by the failure to so identify, transfer the fear of loss, that such good or service or other benefit may be withdrawn from them as a way to clinch their reluctance to abstain from the omission of said declarations. 

Public Order - Also known as the Secular Civil Force ("SCF") is a secular policy order of police and other policing agencies, courts, prosecution services, and prisons - all of which make up the secular civil force criminal justice system. 

Social and/or Cultural Conditioning Process - Occurs when we are exposed by other humans to their thoughts, words, and actions from their level of consciousness, even though that consciousness may be calibrated at a level of accepting and operating at a level below 200 according to Dr. David Hawkins Consciousness Chart, which is the level of ("Truth") - in discerning and operating from that as to who their Person really and truly is and secondly in terms of discerning and operating from Truth to the very best of their ability as it relates to all matters related to them in their Life Situation.  This also occurs as a result of the Public School System not allowing Prayer and Teaching of God in public schools.  By not teaching (via the Sin of Omission), the Public School System, taught people how to be violent, merciless, unkind, and live not in truth, so they have a great chance of falling victim to addictions, disputes, separations/divorces, hostility, a great deal of division in their Life Situation, with hopes only later that they will awaken to a higher state of consciousness on their own with God.  Some hope that the Parent's may be able to transmit this higher consciousness to their children, however, if they have not arrived and transmitted that faith to them about their Identity, the child may be susceptible to reaching towards external material forms to find his/her identity. Furthermore, bad habits may be learned and then ingrained in the psyche and in the body to have automatic responses when certain events come up in their Life Situation that may have to be uprooted and overcome later in Life, in order to successfully overcome their old Social Conditioned Self also known as "The Ego". 

The Human Condition aka Sin - Is hereby defined as the Social/Corporate Sin ("Sin of Omission") as defined and setforth in the immediate preceding paragraph and also as a consequent thereof, as any one looking outside themselves for the need for validation and/or seeking to find their primary fulfillment aka: happiness in any external form (aka: another person or object), not realizing that their primary fulfillment can be found in God Alone, which is their deepest and most Absolute Identity. It is also in not realizing that any and all type of form (persons or objects) can only bring bring secondary fulfillment, not primary. 

Corporate Sin - is the knowledge of subjugation through the issuance of state and federal licenses or other related documents and having people believe they are automatically a part of the Public Order involuntarily subjecting them to have them believe they live "inside" said States also known as Orders (e.g.Order of Ohio, Order of Maine, Order of Illinois) and it is also defined as corporations branding people so that they are enticed to have a tribal consciousness of certain ideology and seek to find their identity by such affiliations and participation of said belief systems attached thereto. Furthermore, it is using exactly what we were not taught about God in school against us to get us to believe that our primary fulfillment can only be found in the next purchase of a good or service. Also, by doing so, it wants to convey a sense that goes along with said purchase, that a consumer will then be more superior than their previous version of them self by using their good or service and will upgrade their previous version of self with a new extension to said self by such purchase. When it is said that "we are born into Sin", this is the absolute best description of what Original Sin is.  It was first social/corporate, then transferred to us to awaken and then consent to have God in and through us overcome that which we have been conditioned with so we can overcome the old reactive patterns we have been conditioned with that have formed a part of our social self character as we grow more towards the fullness of Christ's Person and Christ's Divine Character. The Media and the Legal System wants to run after the effects of this Social Conditioning Process and make it the individuals responsibility for not recognizing this terror activity to begin with and having not yet been converted to the Person of Christ, even though they The Media and The Legal System would not openly admit it and have them "the Victim" suffer the consequences (through a shaming and punishment based system) for their actions for not yet awakening and converting to the Person of Christ and demonstrating good and non-violent behavior. This is the best description of the current social ("Company") war going on where the forces of darkness have setup shop in the heavenly places. It is also how certain professional specializations (Legal and Medical for example) create a demand that makes their roles more than a hobby, but one that has a paid income as currency is extracted from Victim's that come to them to compensate them for their time for the original injustices which are first Corporate and Social. 

Beliefs - You are free to discern the truth for yourself.  We do not want to give you any new ideas to believe. The information on this website is being provided to you by what was revealed to certain Victim(s) of White Gloved Murder's by the Creator as it relates to current flaws in the social system that is currently leading to mass dysfunction and contributing pain to the collective pain body of the society/nation and the global consciousness. Society thinks that it can in their constitution make reference to God and the Creator and own the context of those meanings as if everyone else is inferior without making any progressive steps towards enlightening people to God or the Creator which is in all.  By not teaching God and allowing Prayer in School, the system is teaching and creating and contributing and is materially responsible for the collective dysfunction that we see on a larger scale in the news and the media today.  

Brick and Mortar Churches - any building that teaches about the suffering, the death, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

The Christ Story Translated/Interpreted - Which is the collective story of how God is reborn into human form and has a new given name and is brought up through a human family, suffers as a result of the collective dysfunction and due to the social conditioning process which deprives God of a Divine Education at a young age and as a direct and proximate cause thereof, humans treat others from the lower state of human consciousness which causes and contributes to the dysfunction in the social and legal system of the society.  The Victim, is Christ, once again, who has to suffer and die to the Social Conditioning Process and the Victimization from His Victims by and through total forgiveness and letting it go and dying to the Socially Conditioned Self that God was taught was who he was misled to believe was His Identity by a Society that knows not what they are doing, including, but not limited to disidentification with previous life situations and the forms that those moments took, as a result of certain allowable behavior to go on which allows such evil in said societies that is destroying and murdering actual Life Situations.  

Name – is not only a sound we were given at our re-birth into physical form, but also is a trust and an estate entity that was created on a secular state aka: secular order scroll or roll by the issuance of a birth certificate. Furthermore, we continue to confirm said affiliations by continuing to state that we are “residents/citizens” of said secular states or the national university which is the country name. The most important part of understanding a right relationship to the idea of a name, is that we are the formless presence before taking on any name or form (period, end of story).  To let anyone else fool you otherwise, is to get lost in form, which the world wants people to do – get lost in form. The secular state aka: secular order, then, by virtue of a state constitution and by-laws and statutes of that state or aka: secular order, then creates positions and roles and offices for public officials to rule over events going on “within that order/state”. The per-SON that is created is created on their roll.  If however, we are doing everything in the name of the Lord Jesus/God, then said name becomes a member of the name of the Lord Jesus/God. Then we are more accurately fully fulfilling scripture as it relates to Collossions  3:17. When we are using the new name: Lord Jesus/God and the new per-SON is Jesus Christ, we are pulled out of this oppressive, tyrannical, and evil system for those that have been victimized as a result of the secular/public order due to their faith and/or sexual orientation being a core motive due to prejudicial hatred. The word per means "through", "son" means second person of the Trinity.  Jesus Christ is the second person of the trinity and the second person in general who has come to save us. This is what it means that God gave His only Son aka: per-"SON", to save ALL LIVES. We are eventually to be completely conformed to the image of Jesus Christ and in that be the best representation of what it means to be "Good" or one with God both in interior dispositional understanding and exterior action. This means that the first name is: Lord and the last name is: Jesus/God, and the Member: [GIVEN NAME in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS]. "By so much was Jesus made a surety [aka: SURNAME aka LAST NAME] of a better testament". Hebrews 7:22. So when they think they are shaming us or killing our previous first created social person or name which was the given name and person at our rebirth into form - we are to rise in our new name. This is more fully what the suffering, the death, and the resurrection is also about. Dying to whom we thought we were previously (any idea of thought or form or name), now rising in our new name. If anyone asks, say "The member is: [Given name], when you say this, you know the true name is: LORD JESUS/GOD and your previous Given Name is now "The Member." You say this knowing that you are the "I" in the I AM which precedes said names/forms. 

Supreme Judge Over the World - the Lord Jesus aka God is the Supreme Judge Over the World has the capacity and legal standing and can preside over any and all cases of injustices of the Social Secular States aka: Orders or related Universities aka: Country. Does this mean also over Secular Judges?  Yes. If Secular States aka Secular Order's fail to honor said Judgments, they are practicing Tyranny, Oppression, and Evil. 

Civil - shall mean other than the word military or religious, which is part of the Secular Civil Force.  If you look at the numbers on a Clock of "Time", a non digital one, and you also match up the letters to the word C-I-VI-L, the letter C is 3, I is 9, VI is the Roman Numeral 6, and L is 9.  If  you draw a line to all of these corresponding locations, it forms the shame of a cross and also an upside down and fallen number four (4). Point to all of this, is that this is the exact same cross that killed Jesus, the Civil-Secular Force 2,000 years ago, by annihilating the first name/person that was created on the scroll and then he rose again. It is what is today called the American Civil War aka the American Cross War (even though you would not be able to find most that would understand this unless it was revealed to them by God), but confused by past battles that are chronicled, people make little connection to this present war that is still going on between (two or more citizens). It is being used as a means to "initiate people into Christianity", again, you would get not many people to admit this publicly. especially civil servants. The Civil or The Cross System is known to intermeddle into the affairs of the Lord Jesus and to cause Him and us much suffering, to the point to where we are supposed to die to who we thought we were and have a more rightly dispositioned sense of our true self and shed our-self from our previous socially created self. 

The Current Situation  (in a nutshell) - The absolute best clarity of the current situation described throughout this website in the shortest words possible is that the Secular Civil Force aka: The Public Order and certain Abductors are intermedlling and preventing a Religious to live out a life of voluntary poverty in relation to an Estate.  Furthermore, this is prohibiting said Being from being able to work like everyone else and make an income that goes to the Estate for their services rendered because Abductors demand that said Being not live a life of Voluntary Poverty in relationship to their Estate.  Said Being refused to live any other way, because without living a life of Frugality, all the money in the world, does not make any sense. So the State of Ohio and the County of Butler, and Secular Judge Randy T. Rogers are trying to control and prevent such Being by supporting the Abductor, by setting the Abductor as Guardian on their Roll over the Victim, and the Abductor is now being reimbursed/compensated for Abduction Expenses rendered and in the meantime, said Being is forced to only Volunteer and do unpaid Ministry Work because no other agent/officer has come to the assistance or the aid of the Being aka The Victim to bring about Justice. Is this a new form of Slavery, Oppression, Tyranny, Evil? Only you and God knows that it is. 

Death - the dissolving of a past form that a beings past Life Situation has changed by the loss of the ability to interact with that previous form. 

Death Camp - when secular civil forces subjugate people into their secular civil orders and then allow/permit, authorize, or work with others to destroy peoples Life Situation based on the honor and shame and pleasure and pain social ordered system.