18 May

Yes and no.  It is believed that we have been conditioned to hold a grudge or a grievance against them and as a result will limit our willingness to fully participate in being in, with, near, or in cooperation with another that has caused such strife or harm to our Life Situation.  Why? Because we have been (not knowingly) indoctrinated to believe that whatever happens to our Life Situation is really happening to Our Life and thus our sense of identity is threatened and even emotionally affected as a result of this one programming technique that most know not that took place.

We have to see that it was ignorance or not knowingness from the unconscious consciousness that contributed to the hurtful action.  However, the Devil wants us to believe it was the Person and the Person is Evil and to hate them and to separate ourselves from them.  Yes, sometimes there is merit to keeping our distance from others because their behavior seems to be similar and does not change – meaning their attitude and their actions seem to bring pain and suffering for them and those around them. 

When people are angry, they can be taken over by a negative energy field and that field will possess their body to do something that they would not ordinarily do if they were not angry.  It usually happens, because they took an “offense”, that their sense of identity was threatened either in a statement or belief they expressed to another that was not accepted OR because someone else said something to them that activated their pain body in the invisible realm.  The pain body brings the collective past feelings of a past situation into the present moment.  These are many of times unprocessed feelings that we were not properly taught how to handle and process in public schools – but on the other hand the pharmaceutical and medical industry are happy to give us drugs to get through the present moment without properly processing our feelings/emotions and past grievances. 

When we see others- we should be able to not see their past – but Christ in them. If we can see Christ in them, we have a greater degree or ability to give compassion to them and to feel more for them and their situation.  The mind on the other hand loves to bring the past experience into the present and that causes judgment and limited potential for unconditional love to be expressed to another.  This is not something taught in public schools.

No, it is very hard to see Christ in one who is stubbornly persistent, justifying their evil actions and substantiating or justifying their actions on some other set of events and then them saying to you that they had the duty to intermeddle into YOUR Life Situation to make it right (in the way they think is right and best) and that, that justification is a rationale and reasonable justification for an exception and that gave them the foundation for a license to be granted to them to destroy your Life Situation. That is still an underlying Control issue that your Abductor or Parent may have with not putting your interest first over and above their own and a potential larger or deeper issue that may need to be addressed by a Psychiatrist. It is especially a no, or very hard to see Christ, when they refuse to turn themselves in for the wrong and unjust actions that they have done to your Life Situation.  This is not unreasonable seeing. If someone is falsely accusing or destroyed your Life Situation and is not willing to make it right by turning them self in to correct the course of action they took -- you will judge them as not doing the right thing and they will be hard to love.

On the other hand if it happened to someone else or another, yes, it would be easier and it is possible, because you would not be sitting around like you are in prison all day as a consequence of the actions in the preceding paragraph.

Despite all of the above, we are called to see the person as separate than from their actions -- this is a call to transcendentalism and to a non-dualistic view of seeing. This is a way of loving all people, no matter what.  It does not mean that we have to agree with everything they think, say, or do.  But we can give them unconditional kindness, no matter what.  It is a very hard practice to do, but it is possible with much practice. We must look outside of our Christ lens, which is Life itself and not outside of our Life Situation lens to properly to so.

The media on the other hand loves to take the past and stick any and all misfortunes and mistakes to people and make them look bad - not realizing that we are supposed to "not get it right" in order to eventually "get it right".  They act as if every Life Situation should be "immaculate" and free of any character defects.  But what they do not realize is where the "root cause" comes from, from all of these defective characters -- they like to think it is each persons alone and in so doing, they can frame/reframe a situation to bypass otherwise good candidates for office based on pointing out the ugliness of someone's past Life Situation - even if they are a changed person today.  They fail to know the larger war that is going on is that all people have a flawed character due to not having Christ and Divinity and the other related aspects taught in public school -- they just assume they should have a squeaky clean past in many cases. 

The sad aspect is that many are not aware of this, that goes on and forms the perspectives of individuals as a result some families and children are fed up with their parents and will place them into nursing homes and never come to see them.  This is one of the saddest aspects to all of this spiritual warfare going on -- that many cannot see is happening in plain sight, right before our very eyes. 

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