16 May

To provide awareness, advocacy, and education of what a White Gloved Murder Situation is exactly and to help create a positive influence towards bringing an end to this specific form of violence and to encourage those who have gone through similar tragedies and experienced psychological deaths in terms of their previous form of Life Situation and the associations therewith, that the underlying Life under it all IS NOT their LIFE SITUATION, which should give you a greater sense of hope that will help enable you to desire to be a better version of yourself so we can help inspire others to be the best version of them self. The point here is in knowing that if you are stripped of almost everything as a result of such violence, there is something else to be, something else to become. 

The writing of these entries is centered on being a potential survival guide for children of over excessive controlling parents who continue to inter-meddle into their adult children's life situations as a result of a social conditioning process that most parents are not familiar with that has occurred as a result of a domestication process. 

These journal entries are also about turning your tragedy of an inter-meddling life situation by another into our greatest treasure!

Target audience for these entries is for people that want to live in greater hope and also for those who wish to raise their children in the spirit of unconditional love and truth. 

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