16 May

If parents and families are the products of these same societies and yet societies ideology says it should be left to parents to teach their children right from wrong and about God and God should be kept out of public schools because it offends the few there, but on the opposite spectrum, offends the majority by seeing offensive behavior as the whole as part of the social conditioning process by the absence of such teaching.  However if God is our very life and to honor that one life, teaching children what perfect kindness, no matter what and how to discern truth from false appears to be the most essential aspect of the Core Teaching of a Child, so that Child can make the very best choices possible by having been taught these realities. 

If we already live and dwell in heaven with the Lord God both now and forever, but are taught in school how to doubt this reality by being convinced that we live within a Social Order of Ohio or Social Order of Kentucky as an example, we must ask ourselves "who are the dark forces?".  Who are the ones subjecting our minds into a Residency-In-habitation Program at such a young age to program people to believe they live inside of a Secularized State Order and do they really have our best interest at heart? Is this equivalent to giving someone a cell phone but not giving them the carrier service so they can use the phone for the true purpose of what it was made - which is to make or receive a telephone call?

Right now, it is our chief responsibility to read the Bible, to study, to be the very best version of ourselves and to take that necessary initiative to begin to love learning and to grow in that zeal each and every day to grow more and more into the greater likeness of God Alone. 

Perhaps not teaching the Members of Society Emotional Intelligence and how to discern truth from falsehood is the single leading cause of generational catastrophes and inner-turmoil within the family.  Maybe it is the cause for why so many are full of hatred and vengeance because their very own families fail to teach or provide for them this essential core foundation because of generational ignorance and thus this leads to much, if not all of the violence we see today in our world.

Perhaps this is the cause for parents from previous generations being taught things must and can only happen in a certain way due to their Social Conditioning that has occurred through their Domestication Process and certain behaviors as a result have been concertized where their ability to effect change later in life has been greatly hindered as a result of not undergoing an earlier trans-formative process.

Maybe parents who end up being Abductors through inter-meddling into the affairs of their adult children's later Life Situation, who take the material advice from a friend of the family that is part of this "Social-Civil Force" system as a law enforcement agent/officer thereof, that all they, the Parent has to do is call in and say "a Certain Statement or Two" to activate and have their child picked up and taken into a mental hospital against their will/volition, all the while, the parent is permitted to demand an Apostasy and Renouncement of the child from living a life of voluntary poverty and to change his choice of friends and life style that they, the parent, does not agree with it and if the adult child fails to do what the parent demands, that they will continue to have that child sent back into be hospitalized. This activity is organized on a foundation of deception to create a framework that assists the parent in their cooperative works to fulfill their evil agenda. 

While the aggressive behaviors of this System causes a social stigmatization process to occur, by limiting the child from performing in certain activities due to having a previous hospitalization on his record, the System acts like it is faultless and innocent and brings about no justice for the Victim, the adult child is thus deprived, stripped, and undergoes an "annihilation process" of dis-identification to the material world as a result of such horrific tragedies, and in the process awakens into a larger reality of something much more beautiful. 

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