16 May

Some of the topics below are or will be discussed further in these journal entries or in the Audio Files on this website. 

  • Who are we?
  • Attention
  • Where do we live?
  • Expectation
  • What is a national subjugation into forced inhabitantcy/residency program by the Civil-Secular Force all about?
  • What if you were abducted against your will and as a result lost your immediate family, your partner/spouse, career, access to earning or making an income because of your belief in God, would you still have the capacity to forgive your Captors/Abductors and the System that supports their agenda?
  • Encouragement to still not have enemies by and through perfect kindness, no matter what instead of vengeance.
  • Transmuting the vengeance that you feel into something positive to help you be a better version of yourself and thus to give what you were previously not able to give as a result of not fully knowing yourself in a more in depth way through the transmutation and interior transformation process. 
  • Realizing that vengeance is taught to be the ideal societal reaction of the collective societal conditioning process/training program. 
  • Why is service to others so important?
  • God Alone is The Victor over all human authority, period, end of story, even when they pretend and have you convinced otherwise.
  • Changing the way we see - as seeing all people as good and that it is generally the unconsciousness/insanity of the societal collective conditioning process that has taken over some to re-act the way they do.It is being able to see through this realization to see that even our Abductors and their agents/officers are the victims of something larger that is going on that even they may not know is the greater cause. 
  • The collective conditioning process that can take over the body to act in a way that it does sometimes. 
  • Can Society do a better job at teaching what it believes is its' subjects - that it has subjugated?
  • Divorce - How to see more clearly what the ideal perspective is to see it sanely.  How it was designed for both to shed themselves of the social false created self, to be free of all egoic behavior and to be remade in the actual and true image of Christ and in the greater fullness of His Likeness by allowing the marriage to be a sanctification process to make us more self-less and humble than we ever were before. 
  • What is unconditional love?
  • What is truth?
  • How Releasing all of the things in your previous Life Situation that you believe were taken or stolen from you and why this is so absolutely important otherwise you will think you are your things (or the sum total of your perceived value by having all those things) you once had and by perceiving them as a loss, you will think you lost part of yourself and feel like you are lesser of a being than you once were when you had those things closest to you.
  • Is there a secret militarized apostasy program (via the Civil-Secular Force) that is willing to align itself with Abductors to get people to apostatize their faith and their choice to live a life of voluntary poverty because that is a paradigm that "the system" as a whole is not common knowledge by allowing certain violence to go on to discourage and beat down those who are following a life of voluntary poverty to the point where they a) give up and go back to the traditional way of living, acceptable by the normal conditioning process of society or b) enter a monastery where voluntary poverty is the normal practice? 
  • A pain or pleasure based system.
  • What can we do to change peoples hearts so all violence stops?
  • Our identity is found in God Alone, not in doing, having, defending, protecting, offending, maintaining, and servicing.  If we believe the latter, we are over-identified and are pouring out self out completely in the external world and no longer operate from that inner-stillness of Being. 
  • Is the American Bar Association and it's members, "the new Roman Soldiers? or the new Civil Army?" but most know it not, as part of some larger Christian Initiation Plan for initiating members into the Body of Christ by and through their organized method of destroying people's Life Situations, especially when they are completely innocent?
  • How even if you are falsely accused and truly innocent of all accusations, that you can use that as an opportunity for God to transform you into a new person and teach you all that you were not once taught, so you are completely transformed and re-made in the greater fullness and image of Jesus Christ. 
  • Complete and absolute forgiveness of it all, even all the corruption of the aspects and certain cases where Oppression, Tyranny and Evil, Demonic Acts are still allowed to continue under a veil "that something else" other than one's faith alone and belief in God is the issue at hand. 
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