16 May

It is believed through the Domestication Process, that people cannot sometimes think clearly for themselves, that they are letting "the collective consciousness" or more often than not the "highly collective unconscious" do their thinking or lack thereof, and that every action is based upon what others will think/perceive about their self image, even if it encourages that self into lying or being deceptive, it's purpose is to challenge that self into being a superior person, by doing whatever, at any cost, to look good from every decision, and in the process the creation of "false selves" are created and reinforced as part of a fundamental and foundational systematic way of creating Ego's. The current system supports this behavior because it helps create the currency to fund the careers of the legal and medical profession and it makes it much more than a hobby for them, but as a means for them to make an income for their families. 

Perhaps taking prayer out of school has/is the root cause of the perpetuation of what is asked in this question above. True Prayer is living a life in truth and perfect kindness, no matter what, because that is what honors the One Life of the Soul. It however, is almost like the chief fidelity should be to the Civil-Secular System and the Common Social Viewpoint it wants to maintain as the primary concern over and above any idea of people coming into the recognition of their true self identity as being of secondary importance. 

Is the removal of Prayer from the Public School System the consequence of loosing a certain Past War that we engaged in, as a country, but know it not, so that each family would feel the inherit effects of disorder, division, and what feels like an "atomic bomb" that explodes inside each family, if they do not have Christ as their center?  This is something to certainly ponder.  But even if it is, it is up to each one of us to create the need for the responsibility for reading the Bible to strive to be the very best version of ourselves so we can help others do the same.  We have to be the teachers we did not have in school that should have taught us these mysteries which we were not taught at an earlier age, but we must be aware of this much unknown war that is truly going on, that even most know not about because they are so pre-occupied with external pursuits towards what they believe is the only true success and to make another name for themselves, other than re-awakening into who they always have been.

Teaching perfect kindness and how to tell the truth no matter what to the very best of our ability, to our children and to others is important even though this is absolutely counter cultural to a society that believes that vengeance and counter-vengeance and human justice is the ideal model which still has too many imperfections is the highest ideal based on a system of allowing pleasure or pain as its chief model for the execution of justice. 

A Pope once said "True freedom is to live always and everywhere for the sake of the love of God."  A paradigm shift must take place within each of us to be that to others.  Our actions alone can and will do the necessary preaching, but we should use words only if necessary. 

The opposite of Vengeance is Forgiveness.  It is like a double sided coin.  We must be the ones to forgive the unconsciousness which comes from the Unique Collective Societal Conditioning Process aka the Domestication Process which lead everyone to believe that their sole-worth-ship is in their doing, getting, and possessing. As a result, what happens is people are taken over by thoughts and becoming captive to them and also taken over by their Emotional Pain Body which has stored up a series of "Grievances" from others which have led to resentments and bottled up negative energy into the body. One might reasonably conclude that by having negative thoughts and a negative view about life in general, one could bring about a series of ailments upon oneself to help execute a plan for population control without having people know what is going on, even by having such grievances/resentments to build up into anger, will trigger an Addiction, as one of the four triggers to addictions according to the known triggers of HALT (the known triggers to all addictions) where H is for hungry, A is for anger, L is for loneliness, and T is for tired, which will help reinforce consumeristic behavior in excess without moderation as a reverse currency extraction technique to deplete each ones savings and leave them enslaved to their senses and body and lower nature, making it even more difficult to deal with their life situations.

The core issue is that people are not trained to know that acts of anger are generally not the person doing the act, but the negative energy field that has possessed them, taken over their entire form to do the evil acts that they have.  Society is completely ignorant and thinks that is their problem and that they, Society, had nothing to do with it, that, that was their sole responsibility to be transformed if their family did not do it. So thus, Societies argument can reasonably be offered that they have wiped their hands clean of any blame and responsibility and thus are therefore executing acts of punishment upon such offenders and more importantly, having it's members of the same society fully convinced that "it" aka "Society" is doing the only right thing to bring about future change and a better future for all.

The Devil wants us to think people are doing these evil acts to us and not see that this is part of some larger Deprivation/Domestication Process, so that we separate ourselves from others and are less open to forgiving and letting it go, so each friendship and family situation is challenged and eventually annihilated as a result of one not undergoing the transformation process and in the process hoping that it can take it's Victim and have them be a display of public mockery, shaming and humiliation.  This is the Eternal Cross, the suffering, crucifixion, death, and resurrection in it's most tangible modern day form of violence that is permissive in a modern society.

Perhaps Vengeance is taught as the Most Acceptable Social Normality for purposes of forming Civil-Secular Forces of all of the Members of Society, so we can participate in Shaming and hating others who do not conform to what Society wants as the "Common Social Acceptable Viewpoint", so that any deviations from the social viewpoint, causes much pain and suffering and eventually the annihilation of ones life or life situation as a result of ignorance of their Higher Power.  Perhaps those who have been taken captive and know it not are the truest victims and that is why we have to forgive even our Abductors and Captors because they have all been employed into a system that even they know not what they are a part of some organized system of darkness and know it not. 

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