27 May

By societies contributing to helping and not bringing Justice and allowing such events to go on, they are contributing to the collective pain body which has the composition of thousands if not millions of years of pain from slavery, oppression, acts of tyranny and evil.  More people need to stand up and hold Systems of Societies accountable for their Oppressive, Tyrannical, and Evil acts.  This is the only way we will see change and create a more loving future. This is what the System of Societies is known best for. While on one hand, they help keep Social Order, on the other hand, they cover up and do not bring Justice to people whose Viewpoint strays from the Social Viewpoint.  They say, justice and liberty for all - but they do not mean it. This is what is directly responsible for the violence in others when they are taken over by the Negative Energy Field of the Collective Consciousness or Unconsciousness that takes out violence against others sometimes for no apparent reason. 

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