21 May

When watching a movie recently on NetFlix, a series called "Dead to Me",  was about a newly widowed realtor hell-bent on finding the hit-and-run driver who killed her husband and how she bonds with a peculiar free spirit over their shared Grief.  The story of this series is similar to the inspiration that I had that the Spirit reveal more fully the human condition and why people do violent acts -- not so much accidental but sometimes by being possessed by the negative pain body which possesses them to do things.  In the Story, the lady who hit the realtor-wife's husband, was an accident.  But sometimes there are events that happen in our Life Situation that seem evil or ill-intentioned, where someone else thinks they have the right to intermeddle into our Life Situation and "amend/modify it" for us - and in so doing - completely destroys everything we ever worked for.

The driving inspiration of the widowed realtor had her stop and check out any and all cars that had a dent in it's front bumper -- she was absolutely determined to find the hit-an-run driver's car which would lead to the actual driver that left the scene. It is this degree of vigilance that we must have to truly be able to awaken to the reality that there is another war going on that most know not of because they believe the Bible and Prophecy is completely in the next world.  It is right here and right now. This is what we, acting similarly like the widowed wife, but only this time to look to see why and how others can act in such violent and malicious ways, comes to reveal some larger societal conditioning training plan that is the major cause of most, if not, all of the dysfunction we see and experience today that "creates" business for the "human justice system". This is the hit-an-run driver that has hit us all and we think it is our own fault for everything -- yes, we must take responsibility in recognizing what has happened and consent to be transformed to overcome the social conditioning process and to receive the indwelling wisdom that we need to make up from what we have been deprived of at such an earlier age.

Point: There are forces in place that are preventing us from living the Gospel way of Life most fully and are absolutely determined to stop us and keep everyone at a lower state of consciousness - stuck in darkness of the recognition of their truest identity and if they try to align a new order of their life situation to honor that life (example: Voluntary Poverty), they are happy to interfere and prevent it from being lived out successfully. If this is the case, which it absolutely is, then freedom and independence is nothing but false propaganda - to have everyone believe one thing - but then the public order does something completely opposite by stomping on one's ability to live out this Voluntary Poverty in accord to the interpretations they have of the Gospel. The sense that comes to one from this ill treatment by the public order, is that, the Civil-Secular Force loves the idea of having an "identity crises" go on with it's subjects where they never truly come to know who they are and nor do they have the ability to live out that life most fully by following Voluntary Poverty, which is key to having a right relationship with the material world which fosters and encourages the spirit of unconditional love on our interior and in our exterior relationships. It seems it would rather have strife and division be the standard Modus Operandi (aka: Mode of Operation) and people believing their identity is in what they do and in what they have so they get possessed continuously by negative energy fields which infiltrate anger and hostility and strife within their Life Situations and have them falsely believe they are the sole cause of all the pain and suffering they experience -- never to know where it truly stems from by an Omission of a certain quality education at a young age by the public schools. There is a force that wants to keep this out of public schools -- that says this is not their responsibility -- and leave it to a string of churches which keeps people in a state of infantile christianity for another thousand years - where people go to services at church and add the name "christian" to who they think they are, but never consent to the interior transformation to keep the collective consciousness at a lower level, where they are prevented from reaching a state of Christ consciousness and kept in a dualistic mind.  We must awaken to these tactics and rise. These forces only want this Voluntary Poverty to be lived in Monastic Orders at Monasteries. All people should have the right to live out Voluntary Poverty and raise a family on the foundation that Christ is our True Life so they can live a life that honors that True Presence and not be forced to conform to the Social Collective Viewpoint which is being forced on us, nor should any one of us be forced to become a member of a religious community to live a Life of Voluntary Poverty out successfully. 

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