17 May

Sadly, your Abductor may have misled the System by following the specific instructions of a family member or friend that is also a police officer or detective which led to the engagement and support of your Abductor to execute acts of Terrorism against you and a Secular Judge may have assigned a Guardian over your "Given Name" and that also as the Person who you think you are if you believe you are your Given Name.  They may try to access in an unauthorized manner your Social Security Account and activate Medicare Insurance for you and pretend that they are doing "God's Work" by trying to get you back on the "right road".  In fact, this is how the Abductor frames and/or justifies their intermeddling into your affairs.  

You may have to renounce your social self you thought you were, your secular family and the world and begin to use this on any and all new forms or documents you complete (the foregoing can be copied/pasted into any Avery label or similar label and used at the bottom of any and all documents you sign and use) - yes, there is a risk that some service providers, etc., may deny giving service to you, but this is part of carrying the cross and overcoming the forces of darkness):

              First:    Last:

Name: Lord   Jesus/God; The Head/Person: Jesus Christ

Location: Heaven; Presider: The Formless Presence of “I AM” before any name and form.


[Note: The foregoing paragraph should be in all small print, 3, 4, or 5 pitch font under neath the above information]

Even though the last name: [your given last name], middle: [your given middle name], and first name [your given first name], and suffix may be [your given suffix e.g. II, JR. or III], listed anywhere in connection with this sticker or in your system, it is truly the Insured Member and now therefore, said presumed name/person is hereby replaced and superseded by the Name, Head/Person, Location, and Presider information on this sticker.  As to the matter of Citizenship or Residency program, said fields to any questions may be left blank and our official response to those questions is defined as “Neither Confirm Nor Deny” aka: NCND.  Any other reference or responses of “NCND” shall mean the same defined meaning and nothing else.  Any and all other presumptions are hereby denied ab initio, from the beginning of time.

Point: Refer to your Given Name as your Member. Your name and Person as listed above in fields above Member. Also meant so you do not take a false oath. Clarify name above and Member. Colossians 3:17 says do all in the name of the Lord Jesus to the Glory of God...the Self Deception Plan was to fool us all that we are the given name - this is the core cause of the Identity Crises of today. Dying to that idea of our given name as who we are, that name then becomes a Member in all capital letters and in initial case letters an Estate. There is a deeper "I" than who we thought we were due to this National-State-Familial-Tribal Self Deception Plan. That is who we truly are before any form or name. All religions point to returning us back to the recognition of us not being separate from God Alone also through disconnecting from the over identification with forms or we can loose sight of this Absolute Identity. It is more than embracing this original and truest identity, it is truly being the personification of God's true character firstly, as Perfect Love to others and secondly Power over our Life, not over others, as they clearly have the same capacity to have God lead and be in power over them. And yes, especially when Sponsored Terrorism is allowed to destroy our Life Situation, one can reasonably discern their right to rise and use this format as indicated above. If you feel compelled by the Spirit to add said sticker to the back of your drivers license - only you can decide that. 

On your drivers license you may have to sign "God", if you are truly doing all in the name of God and then what you perceive as your Given Name, thus becomes "The Member". Also, if ever challenged, the name of "God" is printed on your drivers license because you printed it in the signature section of where they asked you to sign. This is in knowing that you have a right to use a name/names, but are not the given name or names themselves, but the formless presence of that one name "God'. For one that has "awoken" this is the only right way to understand our relationship the world of form and names. We are living that "one life" -- we are a true temporary expression of God's ONE LIFE, taking on temporary form in the world of form. The Secular World wants us all to create separate Self's, have personality disorders and addictions and have a life of strife and division because we do not know our true self and have us believe we are our given name and we are our doing and having and most importantly that our sole worth is in our doing, getting, having, and maintaining -- again, wants each of us to believe that our sole identities are found in this alone. This type of system they call Freedom and Independence, but it is like locking someone up in an Open Air Prison, having them believe that they are separate from everyone else and they can treat others as harshly as they want and provide the system and the instruments to torture people created on their secular ordered scrolls by the creation of birth certificates and think they can get away with this by calling these conceptual prisons, The State of... Or the United States of America - these are nothing more than Secular-Militarized Orders operating as if they are not militarized. 

Note: Because there is merit to the situation and our position, we are absolutely determined to make these acts of Terrorism and attempts to enslave another known and how this is being used to limit the potential of each person who is wishing to follow a similar path to the possible degree of persecution, injustices, intolerance from ignorance, and pain and suffering that one may have to be willing to go through as a result of having Jesus Christ be their Lord and Savior and following Voluntary Poverty in relationship to their Estate that the current system is absolutely content with and willing to put you through.  It is sad, but this is the element of the aspect of the meaning behind "white gloved".  The appearance is that what they are doing is right, however, it is not but they will do their darndest to have you believe they are right -- but have no doubt -- do not doubt yourself!  You must make these injustices known to all - so we can grow and become better as whole society by and through exposure of these intolerable actions like these in a modern day society -- for they want you to be ashamed and humiliated and QUIET and not talk about these injustices to expose their actions. This is their secret agenda -- that you will not raise your head in the public ! That you will not stand for, nor call upon justice to these injustices! But we must not hate them, but hate their actions!  Herein lies the key to fully knowing the One God aka: The One Self. The Secular-Civil Force hopes you will fall into the trap of hating persons and thinking you are separate from the whole.  True Wisdom is knowing that even though there is Evil Actions that are allowed to go on in the System, there is only One of Us.Thus why we must truly believe all people are good even though they may operate from a level of consciousness that personifies and extends hatred and anger -- that, that programming has come as a result of the secular societal programming/social conditioning process and previous generations passed down previous inherited mind patterns of such hostility and intolerance (which is a generational curse that has not yet been broken in some family situations - which causes these Demonic Acts to take place). Despite this Evil, we have to still be able to see Christ in them or else we are spiritually blind and in the darkness. 

As it relates to medical coverage, you may have to find a Free Medical and Dental Clinic to go to for Medical and Dental Care.  If you choose to renounce the use of a Medicare Insurance because by use thereof it would be fraudulent, follow what you know to be right. Doing what is right is always the hardest thing to do. Know also, that biblically, such division was known to take place - but you must use and have perseverance to get through this.

Could all this be defined as a hate crime? Absolutely, even though they try to disguise it as something else. 

Secular Judge Randy T. Rogers of Butler County Court, who is issuing guardianship(s) to help sponsor and aid this type of violence we have described -- these are being used as torture instruments against the victim(s) of these White Gloved Murdered Life Situations which gives the ammunition to the Abductor to in part, continue to throw the Abductee/Victim back into the Mental Hospital for Forced Drugging against their will/volition until they comply with the Abductor's demands.

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