14 Jun

Often sometimes certain religions and ideology, says "our God is the best God" and "Our God is Victorious".  This tribal small dual mindism, unfortunately attests that even "they do not get it" as it relates to the knowledge of God.  God is all inclusive, with no exceptions, whether white, black, Hispanic, straight, gay.  Sadly, there are some people of certain generations that still have been branded by the Social Conditioning Process that believes that being Bi or Gay is a Mental Illness and that there must be something wrong with someone because of their Sexual Orientation.  

Because of this belief, when they intermeddle into the affairs of these people of same sex orientation, they set them self up as "Superiors" over them as if they are some "Superior Race".  Sadly this is the Generational Pride, that I am speaking about as it relates to using God to "pull people down".  A great example would be a new pastor who fires a choir director because he is gay. Saying that he can come to services for church, but is no longer allowed to be the choir director because of his sexual orientation.

This same thing applies to the one who files reports with law enforcement agents and officers as if everything "seems" like "a normal person" gone mad because of his/her life situation (that he/she who is abducted is upset that his/her abductor unlawfully interfered into their Life Situation against his/her will) and then uses that same opportunity to coerce, threaten, demand, and do many things against his/her will outside the presence of others to get them to submit to their "the abductors" demands.  

In the photo attached to this blog entry, one Victim of the White Gloved Murder Situations explained it this way as the best graphic to be used for this blog entry: the ball in the mouth and the band around the head, reminds him of "making many requests and no one coming to his assistance either because they believe the Abductors actions to be true, even when they are not.  This is a case where lies are valued more than truth.  Furthermore, it is a death sequence, because any and everything that he once valued, no one comes to his aid to help him with.  It is almost as if he has no abilities/rights and is stripped of everything.  So thus, why this picture has been chosen as it best demonstrates the situation that has been created by the Abductor and the others involved in his Murdered Life Situation. In some ways he says, it feels as if one undergoes many psychological deaths of previous forms that his Life Situation once had, only because no body cares to see the merit nor the truth of what is being done under the guise as if all their actions are legal, even when they are illegal. He also said, that it feels like being in a Nazi Death Camp and that the only thing he can focus on is by staying present and disidentification with form, so he can maintain his interior sense of peace, joy, and completeness, not looking for his self nor his satisfaction or completion in anything outside him, since this is the only thing that seems to be within his control". He says further that it is like the "SS" is now the "Secular States" who misuse their authority and power and come in and assist those who have been programmed to carry out their will and volition over their Abductees, where they "demand that certain things be done in certain ways as it relates to 'work'.  While being stripped of his job/career, income, family, kids, effects and/or possessions, denied requests to the SS Guards (today the Police, the Secular Judge and to Attorneys), he says it feels like it is no different than being in a Nazi Concentration or a Nazi Death Camp in General."  Sadly, this has been allowed to go on for a year in 1995 and again between 2014 to 2019, the latter of which has been the latest length of time in unlawful detainment, being held in a private prison with some privileges to go out, just off exit 46/275 just north and outside of Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Victim say's that this exact case of how his Life Situation was murdered, reminded him of the movie called The China Syndrome, where the character Jack Godell who died in the end of the movie by being shot by the swat team, stood his ground for what he saw and knew to be true, but which in the case of this movie, the managers of the Nuclear Facility did not want revealed through the Media about what really happened at the facility.  The Victim say's that the Primary Abductors and agents/officers thereof, reminded him of the Sheriff and Swat team and Nuclear Facility Managers which came to destroy and conceal the truth in the movie of the Nuclear Facility towards the end of the movie, that they did not want the public to know about when all of the press and media showed up a good friend and former co-worker of Jack Godell ended up telling the truth, because they were trying to "frame" Jack Godell as emotionally and/or mentally disturbed or distraught and not in his "right mind" which is the classic military-corporate martial law way of trying to immediately discredit whistle-blowers who are an immediate threat to overturning their entire system of the need for them to be in complete and absolute control .  This reminded the Victim/Abductee when he saw the credits at the end of the movie the name "David Pfeiffer" it reminded him of the General Practitioner Attorney David Pfeiffer who is partly and materially responsible for this torturous behavior of said Victim, who as amongst the first to bring about all of these false claims against the Victim/Abductee as if they were all true and accurate, having never even met said Victim/Abductee. The Abductee/Victim says that the idea of anyone at the Federal level coming to his aid or rescue seems just like a pipe dream, as it has of the posting of this blog been six (6) years that he has been unlawfully detained against his will and stripped of all of the majority of his previous material effects. He also say's that it seems like any federal intervention seems like only "hype", because due to countless requests to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, none have been replied to in request for assistance. 

Is the completion of Indigent Guardianship report papers (in this particular case) saying that the environment looks "acceptable and good", equal to a nation sending in their own "Nuclear Inspectors" instead of sending in outside unbiased inspectors? Also, is it an attempt for Butler County and those a part thereof in "The System" to cover up their negligence and the truth? Maybe one is poor because Mexican Citizens are allowed to come across the US Enclosure or what they call "US Border" and take by force ones job/occupation-business, ones possessions, etc. and the police and sheriff refuse to take reports to claim said information and the Victim is tormented. The world calls these people who come across as "undocumented" .  However, the Victim sees this a matter larger than nationhood and see's us all in Heaven and is willing to let it all go, but who is willing to stand for the unjust actions of those offenses committed against others behind him. 

The Victim/Abductee also says that, we as a People, should look for Victims like this that have endured much pain and suffering, because Almighty God has revealed certain insights to him/her in the process of these trials and tribulations and injustices which he feels are actually preparing them to be excellent leaders of nations.  He say's this not for his sake, but for other Victim's like or similar to his.  Because these are the new Nelson Mandela's and they have the embodiment of something that is also beyond their own form, as a result of what God has revealed to them in these prison and confined situations which otherwise would seem unbearable to many to endure. The Victim believes very confidently that when injustices like this occur that such Victims then as a result of much pain and suffering endure a unique ability to transmit through their wounds, a light to a nation, which is no longer their light, but God's light, which has the potential to bring about national healing and inspiration that is of the highest caliber to help bring about new right action to help end such violence and hatred and to be a beacon not only to the nation, but a light to the world, representing who we truly are as a nation of One. The Victim, if filled up entirely by God, also possessed by God, no longer being his own old form, but God's true temporary expression of God's one life and thus embodies exactly what people are craving the most to also be seen in them, their oneness, their truest identity being validated by one who also see's God in them. It is believed that this is exactly the right form of magnetism we need in a modern society that is so polarized and seems so divided. 

Key question to ponder for whether or not there is any merit to it: Is the current Media imprisoned, just like the Media Reporters were in the movie (The China Syndrome) when they first brought the "video tape" of the Unusual Behavior from the Nuclear Facility to the first news agency, that produced their lawyer who said that they were prohibited from "airing" such video tape, because it would be illegal - which in some way, prevented the News Reporters from revealing the truth - was like having someone in their news agency who was holding a gun to their head by telling them not to reveal the truth and not to air that footage.  Maybe something similar is preventing News Reporters from revealing and interacting with matters such as these.  I mean, the Victims of the White Gloved Murder Situations described on this site and in this blog entry here.  Maybe this system of "Fear" which is very Evil and Tyrannical needs to be overcome by true truth seekers who are not stopped by "fear" of what "The System" tells them they can and cannot report on, so they can truly be who Almighty God has called them to Become, and always do the right thing, no matter what the cost. The point below in Martin Luther King Jr's quote: was the silence of that by the Good People, i.e. News Reporters and Media Reporters who are confined and prohibited from speaking about and reporting said information like these cases described herein to make these issues known to all. It is like they have been "silenced", and that is the "Ultimate Tragedy" that MLKJr was speaking about. It is like they "The Reporters and Media" who have a gun held against their head, telling them, what and what not to report on - thus - it is they, who are imprisoned to some degree and cannot truly report what is truly allowed to go on, on this land, and thus, in that, is the ultimate tragedy even more worse than oppression and cruelty itself, otherwise, if people knew, they could take action to do something about it, but are denied this opportunity because they are handicapped by not having knowledge of what is truly going on behind the scenes to limit what is and is not aired or published. And there is also some high degree of Arrogance that the Secular Judges and Attorneys and Police and Sheriff's Departments know they can get away with it. Almost similar to the managers of the Nuclear Facility, who happened to know that if they ("the ones who were trying to cover up the truth") could rely on and call the local Sheriff and have the swat team arrive to get Jack Godell out of the Nuclear Facility who basically conducted a citizen's arrest, only to come to find out, that the swat team disobeyed their arrest (by Jack Godell) and thought they would usurp and think "they were above the law" by being civilly disobedient by killing him, but knew it not, because even they were "in the dark". Oh how they "know not what they do". 

Prayer to God: Dear God, please send us people instilled with your spirit who are more like Jack Godell, who is willing to stand for the truth, no matter what. Especially in Journalism and Reporting and in Our Leadership.  

And having disarmed the powers and authorities, he made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross.

Colossians 2:15

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