23 May

If you are a Victim of a White Gloved Murder Situation and you expect the present System to come to your aid or assistance, especially when "IT", participated in the criminal behavior, you may have "unreasonable expectations".  Having "reasonable expectations" that you cannot expect a system who has performed actions which are illegal, under the guise of them being "legal", is going to take any responsibility for their actions - for if they did, it would hit the front page of the newspaper and be on prime time news. 

So, you have to be the change you want to see.  We must use injustices against us to allow our larger consciousness to be born through us that wants to take us "higher" than the consciousness we were before.  This is first off the only sanely way of seeing how such violence has any sense of a "silver lining" or beauty in it, but we must look at this in order to see it's "usefulness", that in deed, these afflictions, can teach us precisely what we should have been taught at a younger age and if not, more than that as a result of ignorant acts by others who are still operating at a level of violence.

Since Hope is Desire Plus (+) Expectation, we must realize, yes, we want justice for such violence not only for our case or situation where we faced injustice but for all those who come behind us that may undergo similar mistreatment and violence, that a system of policies and laws and strict enforcement of those polices and laws would be enforced to protect and preserve the right and our ability to not be abducted and taken out of our Life Situation and have it be completely destroyed as a result of such ignorance. 

It absolutely, without a doubt, is like a parent "who says one thing but does something else".  What do I mean by saying this?  The System makes it appear as though it has evolved and has put safeguards and policies and rules in place that it has evolved from past acts of injustices such as (preventing women from voting and having two different drinking fountains for white people and people of color) but that is just a "facade", an outward appearance that is maintained to conceal a less pleasant or creditable reality. This is an absolute fact of the present situation that we are facing as it relates to the violence against GLBT and Christian Hate Groups who are truly persecuting and using the system to abuse and destroy our Life Situations.  We must be vigilant to make these injustices known and each one of us need to create a website to publish this information for others to see, so that we have the potential to fulfill making these injustices known to others so they can see what is going on that is not being published by the media nor newspapers.  

Point: If we keep waiting for the system to come to our aid or assistance, we will be disenchanted/disappointed, the idea is for them to keep you discouraged that you will let it go and move on without telling the world about it, so you are least likely to publish and make these injustices known which would otherwise force the system to deal with it's present injustices.  Part of not waiting on the system to come to our aid is for the purpose of maintaining your interior disposition of joy, peace, and completeness knowing that we do not need some external reality to complete nor bring us our primary fulfillment -- that we know who we truly are in Being and we use this opportunity to grow into the greater awareness of that Being of which we are not separated, but the world would like to convince us otherwise that we are separated. We can thus be Advocates for Social Justice Reform for those that are not stepping up to voice and make known these injustices. It is sad when even our parents are taken captive by their parents not teaching them about the Life of Christ, Divinity, Virtues, how to process their emotions, how to control their responses, how to find balance or the middle in any situation, how to process their anger in a healthy way also known as "Core Education". because the public school system sure doesn't -- in fact, parents are not taught this unless they first studied it, became it, then in their actions transmitted it to their children.  (Today, parents are under the impression they can just talk about it and not actually be that to their children -- the issue with this is, that children "mirror" their parents.  If parents understood this way of learning through the "mirroring process", they would take "becoming it" much more seriously).

The present system is setup by the absence of such Core Education being taught by parents to their children and by absence of such teaching in public schools, this combination forms a  joint task force which supports the ideology and training formation and educational delivery system of  "a Terrorist Training Camp" that is precisely the cause of all, if not the majority of the violence and injustices we see today. The only hope is that the victim of their parents and public schools by not transmitting this Core Education is that, the victim of this system would "awaken" to come to allow Jesus to find them and consent to that interior transformation and study this Core Education on their own to break this generational curse that no news agency or brick and mortar church seems to want to talk about - because it is ran by lawyers who do not want us to know the bigger war that is going on, but where said media and news agencies would rather run around all day long and chase the reports "of the effects" of this deficient system of training that much of us involuntarily underwent by not being taught or given a Core Education at a younger age, thus said media and news agencies profit from the effects of this highly dysfunctional organized system of crime (even though they may sense something greater going on but not be able to put their finger on it exactly, even many reporters and news anchors do not know that this is going on behind the scenes and is the contributing factor to much if not all of their reporting). We must rise and be a voice for change to reduce and eliminate all such related violence, suicides, murders and murdered Life Situations as a result of a highly dilapidated system.  

The worst injustice of all this, is that many parents do not even know that they are doing this by not transmitting this Core Education and then they see the effects of a child who wants to escape from them as soon as they can and wonder why their relationships seem to always be like walking on broken glass with their children even in their adult years. Parents have been brain washed that "success" is only about "getting a good job to provide for their family" - this is really of secondary importance not primary, this is precisely where the "disorder takes root" -- what is of primary importance is getting a Core Education and then being that to their children so their children can be that to their children.  Otherwise, the parents will pass down a generational curse which is the effects of not truly transmitting this Core Education and sadly the quality of all of their relationships (both the children and parents) will seem to be of a lower quality and then the war plan against families that the Devil has, will prevail. We must overcome this by waking up and being the change we wish to see, through embracing the idea of this Core Education if we are to be the light to others.  One might reasonably conclude that this is the true and present war we are facing on this land.  That some also might say feels like it is the effects of a seemingly foreign force that is punishing us (in and through our actual families) for past war crimes. One might conclude, that the only way to win it, is to study the Core Education, to become it, to be it to others.  This is the only way to win this war and it happens one-by-one.  It is time to fall awake and be the change you want to see! 

The media, not necessarily knowingly, wants people running around the race track going in the wrong direction, never to realize they are going in the wrong direction by the over identification with matters relating both to the financial world and matters of defense, that there is no awareness for the realization, nor hope for the collective society to awaken to this realization of this underlying war -  for if society did, it would be turning in the other direction to run in the right direction to free themselves and their families to leave the truest legacy they could and can provide to both them and their loved ones which is far greater than any material gift.

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