24 May

The current System is setup, that if we are not taught the Life of Christ, emotional intelligence, virtues, how to discern truth from falsehood, how to properly process our emotions, how to control healthily control our anger, how to control our old reactive patterns either a) in public schools b) by our parents or c) God teaching us directly, then we all default to the standard of acting like the Devil whenever we have situations in our Life Situation. This is an absolute fact, even though, no one would like to admit it.  The current system of Terrorism, if we are not taught this, creates in us a) selfish and b) prideful nature. It feeds the commercial world with purchases always looking for something i) new, ii) more, or iii) the next moment, in order to find our primary fulfillment -- the commercial world uses precisely what we were not taught against each one of us and hopes to capitalize and benefit from it.  That is exactly why it dangles words like "DRIVE=LOVE" on an ad for a brand new car, and "if you really love her, you will but her this diamond ring", etc., etc.  

We must be aware of this "Demonization Process" .  We must be vigilant to recognize this war that is against each one of us coming out of the gate. Services at Church on Sunday's will not go into the depth so much of it coming from "lack of proper education or training". That is why we need to turn our Life over to Jesus, so that option C above can take place and we can be interiorly transformed. If not, we will demonstrate an exterior disposition which is selfish and prideful.

It is one thing to get an education it is a completely different thing to have an education about our true character formation process.  If we do not work on our character the social self character will be the by product and our external acts will be more "Anti-Love" than "Loving". 

If we do not convert to the Person of Christ, we cannot save those around us is the major point here.  And all of our actions will be and demonstrate an act of lack of love.  This is how and why relationships fall apart and also how it makes it very easy for court systems to strip people of what they want when they show up and demonstrate Devilish behavior.  That behavior is used against them as it makes it easier for the observers to have little compassion for a person that acted in a Devilish way.

So yes, what is not taught to us can be used against us, in fact, it feeds the system and makes it easier for Judge's to be less compassionate for our positionality in court cases. 

Bottom line: So we must truly have the disposition of wanting to be Lowest, Last, and Least.  And not be attached to to need to possess things - for by the overidentification with the need to possess things, we make known (reveal) who we are not. And if we cling to things and if we do not get them we think our "Life" is falling apart - we have been deceived and not properly taught/trained. Yes, a child that is given a toy and when it is taken from him, feels like he/she is loosing a limb and cries, because no body properly taught  the child that the toy is not his life - it is a part of his Life Situation that it is not his Life. The commercial world would rather people not know this and in fact capitalizes on this exact example of the child and the legal world would rather people not know it so they experience excruciating pain and suffering from their decisions as punishment, even though no court or legal person would necessarily admit this. In fact, the System profits and creates jobs by people clinging to things -- that's what feeds a lot of the legal industry. So is it a creation of Purgatory?  Purgatory is where "there is pain, but still love".  The answer is, based upon the facts stated in this paragraph, is it absolutely is.  A mental anguish - some people recover, some do not.  The recovery comes by being set free from the need to identified with form all together - a complete liberation. We were what some might also call "self-deceived" into thinking anything outside of the Presence of whose Life we are, would ever truly bring us our primary fulfillment.  Things and persons exteriorly bring us secondary fulfillment, but not primary. This is absolutely something that psychiatrists at top corporations and the commercial world do not want us to know. 

Yes, we can stand up for the truth and fight for justice - but even then we have to be prepared to let go of those things or else, we will be like the monkey who got his hand caught in the hollowed out coconut that reached in to grab hold of his favorite sweet meat, where the hunters caught the monkey, roasted and ate him.  Except, if we hold onto these external things and do not let go of the previous forms we once had in our Life Situation, our emotions and thoughts will roast and east us up from the inside out. This is where the value of "Letting Go", is a great third option to "Forgetting and Forgiving".  Many do not know that this third option of "Just Letting Go" is truly an option, in fact, the best one!

Yes, we need a new President of the United States who can see right through this that is allowed to go on within Society and strive to work for an improved education system and legal reform that will ensure a stronger future for all than the previous format which has by the absence of proper education and character formation initiatives in place, a Satanic quality to it, that is creating Devils from the current setup it calls freedom and independence and justice for all -otherwise the latter ideals is going to be for many nothing more than a pipe-dream aka an unattainable or fanciful hope or scheme that a society tries to have all believe in complete and utter deception.

The only way to have a right disposition with the material world is through Divine Poverty.  Meaning on one hand we are a Steward and on the other we are poor -- have a relationship of poverty as it relates to our/the Estate. The current Major Injustice, is the same society which is co-participating in the activity contained herein, is also limiting people's ability to live a life of Divine Poverty.  This has been demonstrated in one specific case near Butler County, Ohio, by a Secular Judge Randy T. Rogers. Some people may have heard of the term called "Islamic Extremism", which according to Wikipedia is defined as any form of Islam that opposes "democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs". One might reasonably say, that this is more an act of Extreme Secularism, in any attempt for force individuals to monasteries to live out a life of voluntary poverty, almost as if, by having Divine Poverty, it would disrupt the current Social Paradigm.

Sadly, Scribes of the Secular Social Order have written about the system of American Slavery to have it be defined as acts and events that have happened long ago in the southern states, part of this is to make people think that this is not still going on today, by saying that it was only in the "southern states".  This was as cunning ploy to turn our attention to having it be somewhere else and in a different period of time. The truth is, Slavery is much more than slavery in the southern states, it is alive and existing today and in one particular case it has been re-branded as a Secular "Guardianship" as the new vessel/vehicle to assign control of Slaveholders over their Slaves.  This is something even the media does not seem to want to reveal to you.  This is a form of slavery is causing extreme psychological, emotional, and physical torture and is also truly an act of Terrorism and is absolutely unacceptable violence in today's society.  The flaw with  the current System, is that it perfectly allows this to go on, thinking that this is perfectly acceptable. 

One might ask, is what is contained in the last paragraph above: Is this a form of practicing Satanism? Yes, without a doubt.  It is what would be called Federal-State-Regional-Local ("FSRL") Sponsored Terrorism. The Media's primary job seems to make some seem convinced that Terror and Terrorism does not go on right here in our back yard through FSRL.To believe otherwise is completely deception. 

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