17 May

This is our story.  Where we were born into a system of subjugation, into the idea of nationalism and stateism, which are social orders.  Due to social conditioning process, people were not given knowledge of who they were and were not taught Divinity, nor virtues, nor how to properly process their emotions nor how to control their responses.  In so doing, the socially conformed consciousness, a by product, of public school teaching and media/television programming teaching vengeance is the ideal response, we find that people are conditioned to persecute, hate, and be violent against those who do not conform to the "common social collective viewpoint", especially if they are following the Gospel, which society cannot be expected to fully understand if they have not studied it.  This is a story of allowing the System aka: the Roman Soldiers to carry out the acts against the persecuted, from and by false accusers and false witnesses and being indifferent at the fact that from the outset these false accusers and false witnesses used deception with another agenda outside of the sight of those placed in mental institutions being given medications against their will, trying to get them to abandon their life and choice of voluntary poverty.  

This is a story in general, for all, who have not been taught about the Divinity and our Life of Christ, that we go through a series of relationships and suffer until we realize that the socially domesticated self, a by product of societies programming, must die, that old reactive pattern and old mindset must die to the ways of the world, and we must put on Christ and only then is there the potential for our relationships to be fully transformed and only then can we see who we are, where we truly are and in eternity whose we are, for ever and ever.

This is also a story about the secular system being completely adverse to your way of life because it is counter-cultural. That by allowing others to use deception and be false witnesses and false accusers, the system hopes that you will experience what might feel like Foreign Forces who have pulled you out on the street and asked you to stomp on a picture of Jesus and Spit on it to Apostatize and if you do not, they are willing to have you hold a sign around your neck and walk up and down the streets that says “Insane” or “Incompetent” on it – trying to humiliate you further until you Apostatize or renounce the Lord Jesus and accept the "Collective Common Viewpoint" of how you should live your life, which is not based on voluntary poverty, etc.

This is a story of Jesus recognizing His Divinity and being one with God, society did not like that idea because it had the potential to raise the collective human consciousness to a Christ Consciousness which they considered a huge threat to their whole system -- they wanted people to live at a lower level of consciousness to not upset the Systems in place of the society.

Some of the Media and certain acclaimed "experts" want you not to grasp the present day fullness and truest understanding of who Jesus Christ is and have it be limited "solely" to a story 2,000 plus years ago and make absolutely no connection whatsoever to the present day chaos that you see around you.

We must let the Trinitarian Revolution take root!

Point: The System will allow a false witness/accuser to get away with this without bringing Justice to the wrongdoer until the wrongdoer turns themselves in to free the prisoner.  The prisoner is the one who is falsely accused/where deception used to have person classified as "insane" or "incompetent" to fulfill their agenda for getting the victim to renounce their way of life.  If the Wrongdoer turns them self in, it is equivalent to setting an innocent prisoner free from prison who has been falsely accused and innocent the entire time.  This is the type of abuse that is allowed to go on in today's society that is still tolerable and is destroying and murdering actual Life Situations (relationships with partners/spouses, career/jobs, income, ability to maintain material effects from accumulated hard work -- and the system allows them to be stolen/robbed from the person in the process without remedying or bringing Justice to the situation). This is the present day injustice we are dealing with.

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