12 Jun

Absolutely.  To this degree: that even the doctors and nurses were like Julia Roberts, not knowing what was going on to some degree.  The point to this, is the system by not teaching people their Identity in school, actually packages up and creates the concept of "Mental Illness" when people are loosing possessions or becoming homeless -- they give them drugs instead of helping them fully process their truest identity.  This explanation has to do with the whole of society as to how Secular Judges are treating some by sending them to Behavioral Health Places, which is identical to the place called Homecoming in the movie. The issue being people have been conditioned by the same society to believe that their Life is their Life Situation and then when they come in and say their life is falling apart, they call them "Mentally Ill".  When really their Life Situation is separate from their Life and their underlying Life is greater than their Life Situation, but by not telling them this, pharmaceutical industry, etc., hopes to capitalize and profit by billions/trillions of dollars, the same for the medical industry. 

Now onto the point and specifics of the Victims of White Gloved Murders due to where it was motivated as a result of one's sexual orientation and due to being religious and living a vowed like life of Voluntary Poverty and Frugality in relationship to an Estate - they wanted the Victim to abandon all of that and adhere to the Abductors demands and go back onto the Battlefield of the American Civil War or the American Cross War which is the war of surviving financially under a certain and commonly acceptable method the way everybody else or the majority are living their lives.  

Historians have branded the American Civil War as a series of physical battles in the past, however, this has been partly to deceive whether knowingly or not knowingly people, from the fact, that this war still goes on with Lawyers of the American Bar Association. The word "Bar" in Hebrew, means "son". Which is an Order and their licensees aka: Licensed Attorneys who are attacking the "first created self/per-son of society that has been programmed as a result of the Social Conditioning Process.This includes the Secular Militarized Judges presiding over Citizen cases, combined with the assistance of their militia aka: Police & Sheriff's Departments and their militarized trained doctors under suits and ties in conventional hospitals who help fulfill their agenda for getting people to abandon their previous ways of life and to conform to the common view point of the general public [notice the word "general" aka: means of a military and public, pub=public house and lic=license or licensee of the public or cross order]. So in essence, these folks are being the "Roman Soliders" and nailing the first per[son] to the cross and hope they awaken to know who they truly are, as part of a Christian Initiation Program that is undisclosed to the masses. They will not openly ever admit that they are militarized, as they like to use the word "Civil", which also means "The Cross Order", which are in Suits and Ties and Robes, instead of the common military clothing that is worn by the other branches that are focused away from our land. 

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Unlike in this movie, the people sending people to these places on this land, are called Secular Judges combined with Civil Militia aka: Police aka Policy/Sheriff's Departments combined with their Abductor's assistance. 

It is believed that this is the "plot" against every single person on this land, that they are hoping for them to "not conform to the common view point of society by following Jesus" and/or "fail" and to fall into their system, to keep them enslaved and prevent them from fulfilling their highest potential with, by and through placing even Guardians over the Victims and having them placed into private residences aka: private prisons, away from the public to see nor know that this is going on - out of sight - out of mind sort of speak. They want them to either a) apostatize or b) conform to the commonly acceptable method of how the majority acts and operates. 

Victim has material evidence that proves that these parties behind this system is entirely responsible for throwing people into purgatory and hell to adversely cause unnecessary and undue pain and suffering (psychological and emotional violence and torcher). Heaven defined as love and no pain, purgatory defined as pain but still love, and hell defined as only pain and no love. So yes, they are practicing and this is a part of a Satanic System. Worse than having foreign army occupy this land. They need to be overseen by a new federal agency to ensure people are not allowed to be mistreated. Also, at what point is it a matter of self defense to renounce being a citizen or resident of a secular state and the united states when it seems like by declaring you are one does not give you any help or protection, but is used against you, to strip one naked and place one in a private prison? Is it better to allow the first son, also known as the first per"son" to die and not care what they do with that name or per-son (knowing we are more than a given name) and rise in the new name the "Lord Jesus/God" and new person "Jesus Christ". Is this the red carpet blood stained path of corruption that Jesus came to liberate us from this underworld of corruption? Without a doubt, it is the only way!  Is this one of countless spiritual battles being fought in this land? Absolutely and without a doubt! The system and people of the system worship also known as give worthy attention and merit to these demonic acts and are fooled into believing they, the government and secular states are always in the right. This is the powers of darkness setup in heavenly places that now has light shining on them to reveal this type of behind closed doors, behind the scenes torturous activity that is going on and this websites purpose is to help the victims of these horrific acts recover without committing suicide by thinking that life is not worth living. But then who are we really then, if this is the only bath. We are the formless "I AM", prior to any names or conceptual forms. That is the Presider. And God Alone is the Supreme Judge over the world of form, despite secular society to have you completely convinced otherwise. 

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