27 May

This is something to be aware of.  It is almost as though, by not teaching us about the "Pain Body" and educating us to a high degree of it's awareness, that things may be going along very well with a new couple and then one day, one of the two seems to be taken over by a negative energy field and says or does something that scares the other, having them wonder if they made the right decision to spend the rest of their life with this person.  Then the other person thinks that is the person and then tells their friends about it and on and on and then it seems like a downward spiral after the newness of the relationship goes away and then they start picking out each others differences more and more. If the couple does not become familiar with the knowledge of their own and the other's "Pain Body", they will be like two birds, pecking away at the other, until all the feathers and meat are off the bones and only the bone remains or at least, this is how it will feel things are going between the two. 

The point to all relationships is that they are supposed to have us awaken to a higher state of consciousness - they are not meant to bring us our primary fulfillment.  Yes, they may bring us secondary fulfillment.  But the idea of going through a multitude of mates also feeds very highly the recurring conditional pattern of going to the commercial marketplace to make up for perceived losses by wasting our time with those we felt incompatible with, where we feel we need to make up for lost time or perceived losses.  Yes there might be some relationships where neither one wants to embrace the spiritual side and in so doing, said relationships will potentially be very hostile and their ability to improve may be highly hindered by not embracing and growing in the spiritual side by not having a spiritual foundation.  It may take a multitude of relationships to find one that has a spiritual foundation to it or who is willing to embrace it.  The more you tell your friends about the other's pain body, even though it was not the person, the more clear it is, that you are not aware of the Pain Body and deceived into thinking that it is the Person doing the actions to you. This is where the self deceit takes root and confuses and makes it look like it is the Person.  This is not something that our current society seems to want to address and put on the table because that would mean a need for much reform and less punishment as the answer to certain criminal behavior and they would rather blame the Person and punish them as the highest ideal and solution they think is best even though it is the worst. 

The lack of the true knowledge of this melodrama from the pain body is what Hollywood and many corporations use to create movies, shows, and products and service marketing techniques to create a sense of "specialness" that will make up or make you feel superior by the acquisition or participation with said suggestions from the marketplace.  

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