16 May

Note: The word Abductor here is defined as a parent or anyone who, by, and through some means, has manipulated the system to get control over you and do everything in their power to brain wash you to live your life the same way they did it, because their way is the only way that is "right".

The point here is not to make your Abductor out to be a bad person.  All people are good, unfortunately, some have been completely overtaken by the dysfunctional mind pattern from the collective unconscious that is projecting that their way of living out life is the only way and any deviations from it, all others are wrong and are not living life the right way.

If you are told that you must get a job and work at (such and such a company) and that you must make an income and that income must be kept in a certain way (in such and such a bank) otherwise they will continue to file false reports against you to have you re-admitted and given medications against you and threaten you to be held in a mental facility for 6 months to a year or longer if you do not conform to their ways -- do not be discouraged -- for they are the one that has the issue about this -- it is not your issue - yes, even though the System will not support nor come to your aid, if that be the case, you have to be prepared to have God come through your Life and reveal Himself to you more fully to help get you through your situation.

You have to be prepared to see how insane the current system can become by them assigning other adults to be appointed over you -- to have you be called "incompetent" -- "insane" -- any other name under the book, used as a method to get you to lay down your voluntary poverty idea, lay down your sexual orientation and be converted or else live the rest of your life in miserable situation -- having you believe that you thus have a limited capacity to reach your highest potential -- OR you can write about your story, have God reveal to you flaws of the current social and legal system that are allowed to go on in a modern day society that are unjust and how certain violence is still a tradition carried out in a slightly different form not revealed to the masses.  To transmute that negative energy from your experience and allow it to be the inspiration to help others who are in darkness.  Having compassion on your Abductor is knowing they were taken captive by their non-participation into an interior transformation process, and thus, it may have entangled you into a situation where you have no other choice than to consent to the interior transformation towards walking more fully in and through the path towards perfection in Christ. This is the only sanely way of seeing how what can seem to be the most evil thing that has happened to you, can be transmuted into the greatest blessing by a) revealing your truest identity and b) allowing for the opportunity for you to be conformed to the fullness of Christ's true image. 

This is one of the hardest things to do - is to sit back and see how a system absolutely does nothing whatsoever to change  your Life Situation and to have people to think they are superior to you continually bully you and demand that you change, almost as though you were in an enemy Prisoner of War camp and knew it not.

Your Abductor wants to have the last word, wants to be right.  If you deviate from that, that will threaten their sense of identity if they are over identified with their belief system -- they will perceive your resistance as a threat. But be persistent no matter what the cost -- knowing that your underlying Life is greater than your present Life Situation.  If you would just write about what is being revealed to you, you will start to see whose true life you are living and how the very nature of the cross itself and it's wounds is precisely the help that the society needs to help them process and heal their wounds from a broken system that allows for the creation of flawed characters and concertized bad behavioral patterns. The Lord will shine through your life more brightly than if these horrific events did not happen. By us not having gone through such a tragedy, we may have been otherwise further deprived of the greater fullness of the revelation of the true understanding of the suffering, death and resurrection of the very life of Christ.

When other's have not consented to be transformed interiorly into the greater fullness of Christ's very life and when they are not practicing virtue and truth, they then have the capacity to be the Roman Solider to nail us to the cross (through their ignorance AKA "not knowingness") by thinking that they can go based solely on feelings alone and not reason and that if your viewpoint deviates from the social collective viewpoint that you are the insane and incompetent one and that they are doing God's job to bring some common sense into you through their deceptive practices to manipulate you into conformity with the world. 

Does it feel like a martyrdom?  Absolutely and it feels like the whole system is corrupt, but you must believe that all people are good even though they may not perform good acts and you must still believe that there is still more good in the world than evil.  You must keep a positive life view that "it is what it is" to keep your sanity, and as it relates to your effort, you must consent to "be the change you want to see". You want to also try to practice staying in the fullness of each present moment, not looking back to the past nor ahead to the future, to avoid discouragement and disappointment so you can always be steadfast in the present as your predominate new disposition the majority of your time, when this can be practiced, hopefully daily. 

Does it feel like it is a system of Organized Legal Terrorism?  Yes. But learning how to co-exist, despite this reality is key and essential.  

Point: You have to have all these things be under you. If you are under all these things, the World wins, as it wants to make you be in and of the world. This is what being "of the world" is all about - if it succeeds by having you think the destruction of your Life Situation is your Life. Fact: Your true life in Christ is much bigger. We must not dwell on the wretchedness of the acts of what others did or failed to do to us, but on the goodness of God Alone, otherwise we will grow old and become bitter instead of better. Dwell in the fullness of Christ, which is our life. Do not dwell in the fullness of your Life Situation for if you pour yourself out completely in your Life Situation, you will lose the fullness of living in the present moment and this will steal your joy and peace.

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