21 May

If you experienced something similar where you felt like you were being dragged behind a horse because your Abductor(s) and the System are allowed to legally go on and pull you apart from your Life Situation as if they have a license to destroy your Life Situation because of your different viewpoint being different than that of the Social Collective Viewpoint, please know that God is with you in your trial.

What is most important is to realize and fully understand the 1-2-3, that I am about to speak of: 

1) Recognize the Event - as out there... (outside of you)...

2) Recognize the Conditioned Reactions - on your interior (just anger, thoughts on how to correct the situation)

3) Recognize that you are neither #1 nor #2, but the System wants you to think you are so they can keep you under their custody (or at least try to).  You must recognize that there is a deeper "I" ... You are the formless, I AM.  That deeper "I", is the underlying life, the larger life, the true and actual life of God which you are living.  Recognizing this, is absolutely essential to walking around and being your fullest self, by not looking through the lens of your Life Situation as the Sum Total of who you are and what has happened to you. This was the deceit that the world system wants to have each grasp and cling to as their identity and sadly be weighted down beyond despair.

You must Trust #3 above. You are the awareness of those things that arise (external events) and the awareness of the interior dialogue defined in number 2 above, but you are not your thoughts and emotions, you are the awareness of your thoughts and emotions.  But you are most safe and in the best position when you fully recognize that you are #3 above alone and not #1 or #2.  This is the way to overcome to world - the horizontal dimension which wants you to think that you must have certain things externally in a certain way in order to have peace, primary fulfillment, satisfaction, etc. This is the way to more fully embrace the Transcendent Dimension.  Sometimes there is no solution to corrupt works from the Secular-Civil Force and the only solution is to transcend the events that happened in your Life Situation.  Otherwise you will be like the monkey who has his hand caught in the coconut that formed a fist to grab the sweetest meat that the hunters placed in the hollowed out coconut to catch the monkey on the plantation that they were trying to catch that was destroying their crop.  They caught the monkey and roasted and ate him.  The point here, is this is the universal story about the human condition -- you must release your fist that is holding onto that Life Situation and thinking that is your Life -- it is not -- if you do not release your fist, the emotions and thoughts will roast you and eat you - is the major point here! Also, if you do not "just let go", you will be "drug" by a wild horse in your mind that will want to take off and never come back and be overtaken by the thought and emotional stream -- which will completely absorb your attention and have your attention or consciousness to be completely absorbed by the mind and loose the fullness of "the present here and now moment."

Point to this post: Revealing how to process and rise above Psychological and Emotional Violence from your Abductors and the System. 

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