17 May

This can be hard for you to process.  There is a rigidity, a hard hardheartedness, a persistence about your Abductor who continues to "reframe" the reason for their actions to justify their previous positionality, however, you know that none of them should have gave them the right to intermeddle into your Life Situation.  The toughest part, is still knowing that there may still be legitimate "strife" between you and your Abductor when they say they are Sorry and/or Apologize for their wrong actions.  However, until they turn themselves in, will true justice be served, where they admit their actions and wrong doing.  Until then the system seems to be determined to have you carry a sign in front of you that you are "insane" or "incompetent".  The system seems to be so merciless and indifferent and not coming to the true aid of the Victim.  This is the sadness of the current culture of death that we are dealing with today.

Point: This is equivalent of the Wrongdoer confessing to a Priest and the Priest absolving them of their Sin after they first perform an act of contrition to turn themselves in.  If the Penitent does not do this, it is questionable whether the Penitent was sincere or just saying that to pacify their Victim and still keep them imprisoned and falsely labeled/stigmatized from society. 

Point 2: This hard hardheartedness or reluctance for the wrongdoer to turn themselves in, is a byproduct of social conditioning that has caused people to be reluctant to take full responsibility for their actions due to fear. It is also the same type of behavior that resonates with a partner or spouse and after they get a taste of it, they want to distance themselves from their partner/spouse because it is a complete "turn off" and has a repugnant smell to it, where people want nothing to do with that person because of the insincerity of the person to admit and make right their wrongs. 

Point 3: The Abductee is living with Abductors who say in response to Martin Luther Kings quotes: "No one can be that smart and be that color" and "I'm not prejudice, I just don't like black people". [Herein, is the type of generational hatred that I am speaking about that is also a hatred for people of the same sex orientation and Christians trying to live a life of voluntary poverty and these hateful behavior of Abductors that use the System to carry out their deeds of hatred and no one seems to want to make it known to the masses nor bring them to Justice.].

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